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CSBE, New Delhi and Chandigarh Administration has given an additional portfolio to Principal Madhu Bahl of a National Counsellor and Advisor for the Board Examinations. She has been counselling Class X and XII students for the past 15 years via e-mail and personal meetings to help them cope with stress.

Her help line Nos.  are  9417006590, 2791496, 2792433

According to her, a child must know how to manage stress. Lack of planning and organization of time and studies leads to undue anxiety and stress. To avoid stress. one must get organized, learn to relax by taking small breaks. eat sensibly, sleep at regular hours and develop a regular exercise plan.

Stress Cause and Effects
Difficulties in time management. Concentration suffers
Prioritization of work.    Responses slow down Memory and learning get impaired


Tips for the Learners:

  • No substitute for self-study.

  • Plan your studies with vision and time management.

  • Set realistic goals for yourself.

  • Be regular to school.

  • Time is the only resource or gift distributed equally to everyone while they are alive. Each human being, in every time zone, has precisely 168 hours a week to spend. So use your time profitably.​

Good Parenting Skills :

Home is the first school, where a child learns to develop interpersonal relationships. Parents hold the key to their child's holistic development.

  • Spend quality time with your children.

  • Monitor your child's studies personally at home.

  • Encourage your child to talk with you, to share his/her experiences.

  • Inculcate reading habit in your child. Encourage him / her to read books.

  • Television viewing should be planned. Watch television along with your child and talk about what you have seen.

  • Remain in regular touch with the school to know about your child's progress.

  • Establish consistency by following set schedules for home study, recreation, and meal times.

  • Praise your child.

  • Show genuine interest, patience and understanding.

  • Allow your child to be inventive, innovative and creative.

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