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Restoring our Mother Earth – Virtual Earth Day Celebrations at KBDAV-7, Chandigarh

Nearly 1800 students of K.B DAV-7, Chandigarh virtually celebrated 51st Anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, 2021 with a medley of Educational and Fun-filled activities. As the planet hurtles through another year in crises, the theme for this year's Earth Day was "Restore Our Earth" which focuses on Natural processes and emerging Green Technologies that can restore the world's ecosystems. An array of creative activities were organized with a view to sensitize the children about the conservation of natural resources and to motivate them to do their bit towards making the planet even more beautiful.

Tiny-Tots of Pre-School were encouraged to plant trees and tiny toddlers of Nursery did the activity on conserving Electricity and Water Conservation. K.G students were told to draw outlines of continents of earth on paper plate and paste small pieces of blue and green origami sheets. They made base of headgear with drawing sheet and later on pasted the plate to the headgear.

The students of classes III, IV and V turned ‘Trash into Treasure’ as they designed beautiful bookmarks, envelopes and paper bags with inspiring quotes and learnt the art of Reducing, Reusing and Recycling. The students of class VI and VII were made aware about ‘CARBON FOOTPRINTING’ and learnt various ways to reduce carbon emissions. New innovations like use of edible spoons, edible packaging, plastic free shampoos and use of sea bins to collect garbage from sea were discussed through video presentations. ‘Be a PLANET HERO activity’ gave the students an opportunity to play the role of young environment heroes who should spread awareness to follow 5Rs strategy ----Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Restore and Rot. Other activities like ‘Poster Making’, Scavenger Hunt on ‘Carbon Foot Printing’, ‘Planting seeds in a seed jar’ etc gave the students a platform to showcase their artistic and creative skills.

‘IL Mago Riciclone – Bird Feeder Making Activity’ was designed for class VIII learners to invigorate the young minds towards the need of caring and conserving our nature. The students turned trash into treasure as they designed beautiful bird feeders and learnt the art of reducing, reusing and recycling. Wherein Class VIII students exhibited their creative skills, Class IX students showcased their culinary skills by taking part in “Nature Casket Full of Herbal Basket Competition. Class X students had a chance to explore their tech savvy selves and design a window Sign incorporating the theme‘ ‘Your Imagination -My Makeover’ in the Earth Day Window Sign’ Competitions. ‘Hindi poetry writing competition- Kavyanjali was organized for class X learners. This activity helped the children to develop confidence and  improve vocabulary,


The Senior Secondary Wing of the School was at its best, declaiming the benefits of eating food at the lowest rung, which costs the least, benefits the most and is environment-supportive, producing the least harmful toxins that pollute the surrounding. The learners searched the corners and brought out the best-expressed advantages of eating vegetarian food that always has an edge over the non-vegetarian diet. The learners were exuberant about what they proclaimed, guiding the world towards a health-giving diet, through the most decorative PPTs and presentations.


The events of the day rekindled emotive concerns and instigated the youngsters to Save, Love and Respect Mother Nature with all their heart and soul.




To pay homage to the Revered Mahatama Hansraj Ji, a Plethora of virtual activities were presented by the young learners from Class III to VII of KBDAV-7, Chandigarh.

A series of online activities like PowerPoint Presentation, Poster-Making, Speech, Poem Recitation, and Videos based on the life sketch of a legendary figure reflected the true culture of Arya Samaj. Students clad in saffron and white costumes enacted the play on the life history of Mahatama Hansraj Ji.

All students and teachers were in a cheerful mood and recited the preaching of Arya Samaj and DAV’s rich culture ad heritage.

This is the Annual feature of the School to celebrate Mahatama Hansraj Ji’s Birthday. This year this was the grand 157th Birth Day celebrations.



‘EK BHARAT, SHRESTH BHARAT’ - World Heritage Day celebrations At KBDAV-7

The Social Science Department celebrated World Heritage Day under the theme ‘Ek Bharat Shresth Bharat’ by giving virtual tour to learners related to heritage of Chandigarh and Dadar Nagar Haveli. To Make the young learners discover the exclusive enigma and charm of the Monuments, Museums, Heritage sites of Chandigarh and also of Dadra and Nagar Haveli, KBDAV-7 took an initiative and celebrated World Heritage Day in a most interesting manner through conducting  a virtual tour of the Heritage sites for the learners of classes VIII, IX and X. The theme incorporated in today’s celebration of World Heritage Day was “Complex pasts: Diverse futures”. The tour fostered respect for monuments, heritage sites taking the students a step further in making them global citizens of the interconnected world.

All the learners on a virtual platform took an oath to keep the legacy of our rich heritage intact, and make every possible effort to protect, promote and preserve all kinds of national heritage. A portfolio making assignment was also given to them wherein they will reflect on their views and ideas about the virtual tour.

The objective behind the celebration was to enlighten students about the value and significance the world’s heritage holds. Protecting and preserving was the take out from the event. Children were familiarized with the rich cultural heritage we have, along with the existing diversification worldwide, and how we need to work towards protecting.

“Our Heritage and ideals – the things which we live by and teach our children are preserved or diminished by how freely we exchange ideas and feelings”



NSS Unit learns Unique Waste Management Techniques

NSS volunteers are always up to one socially useful activity or another. And that is what actually best defines them. The NSS volunteers at KBDAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector. 7 – B, Chandigarh today geared up for an informative session on the management of E-waste and single-use plastic waste. The session happened on the school campus with Mr. Rohit Kumar, the President of Swarmani Youth Welfare Association, based at Village Khuda Ali Sher, visiting the school to impart training to the eager volunteers regarding the best management techniques of disposing of e-waste and plastic waste.

While interacting with the volunteers, Mr. Rohit informed them that the accumulation of most of the waste is caused due to our lackadaisical waste management. This waste includes some of the sensitive electronic items and plastic goods which, if not disposed of properly may harm the environment around us. Thus segregation begins from our house by throwing the waste in the right bins. The interactive session included queries from the young volunteers, wanting to make a contribution to save Mother Earth from clogging up and choking. By the end of the session, Mr. Rohit answered the queries of the volunteers, thereby leaving a remarkable impression on their minds regarding this sensitive issue, and taking a promise from them to be careful about garbage disposal from now on.




What a shimmering day it was! 17 February 2021 gets recorded in the history of KBDAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector. 7–B, Chandigarh for welcoming back its alumna Miss Manika Sheokand, VLCC Femina Miss Grand India 2020 on its School Campus. The day was eagerly awaited by both sides. The arrival of Ms.Manika brought in with her that sparkle, that ebullience, that victorious smile of being THE MISS INDIA!

Ms. Manika was welcomed with bouquets, rose-buds, placards with her winning picture and a beautiful red tilak on her forehead. The media accompanying her, the glitter, the glamour-everything spoke of her stardom. She had been accompanied by her parents, brother and members of the family. She was taken to the B. S. Bahl hall, where she was welcomed with a bouquet, phulkari shawl and a memento. Gracing the occasion were dignitaries including Ms. Madhu Bahl, Founder-Principal of the school and Ms. Pooja Prakash, the school Principal, along with the Coordinators and teachers of the school who had taught her. A PPT presentation narrated her journey that started with her Alma Mater, and has taken a sojourn at the Miss Grand India 2020 Title. Ms. Manika had joined the School in her 7th Standard, and passed out of Class XII with 82.4% score in Science Stream.

VLCC Femina Miss Grand India 2020 spoke to the audience and went nostalgic about her school days, remembering how she had been mentored by each teacher, and how she had been a part of each School function, every year. She answered the queries of the eager students of the school, and said that the way to success is not that rosy as it seems. One has to work really hard to achieve one’s goals.

Ms. Madhu Bahl congratulated Manika, and said that the lion share of the credit for the success of Manika goes to her parents. Mrs. Pooja Prakash, in her vote of thanks wished Manika a huge success in her future endeavours, and congratulated her in her unmatched feat. She reiterated that as a KB DAV Alumna, Manika had brought glory to the DAV Fraternity, the City, her School and her Family.




Virtual 72nd Republic Day And 11th National Voters Day Celebration At Kbdav-7 , Chandigarh

To honour the Constitution and Republic of our country, 72nd Republic day along with 11th National Voters Day was celebrated virtually at Kailash Bahl DAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector 7B, Chandigarh for classes 3rd to 7th with full patriotic fervor.

To show their love for the country patriotic songs, dances, speeches and poems were recited by the students of classes 3rd and 4th with the face-painted in Tri-colour. 25thJanuary 2021 being  the 11th NATIONAL VOTERS DAY as well, the students took the Pledge on the said occasion and read  the Preamble- Soul of the Constitution.  

 The classes 5th to 7th students wholeheartedly participated in the “Heritage of India Competition Quiz-2021”with the themes related to Indian Constitution, warriors of Indian independence, traditions and heritage of India.

Celebrating the Republic Day with honour and pride, various other online competitions in association with Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Education, Govt. of India are being conducted during the week through DIKSHA platform.

 Annual celebration of this occasion helps the students to be aware of the Significance of Indian Constitution, Unity and Integrity of our nation.




The last day of the NSS Camp had a visitor from the Election Department, Mr. Jiten Kumar, the Programmer, who joined online and made a PPT presentation. He highlighted the election process, and brought to the notice of the volunteers certain deep information about the election and voting process. The Valedictory Function of the NSS Camp under the theme: “Fight Covid Menace With Precautions and Grace” at KBDAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector. 7 – B, Chandigarh was graced by Mr. Bikram Rana, State Liaison Officer, Chandigarh Administration, U. T. The function, that started with a welcome song, had a PPT presentation by Pratham and Sarthak Sharma who highlighted the different activities performed by the volunteers during the seven-day camp. The volunteers, Akanksha, Kritti and Tanvi had written poems which they recited during the function. Pratibha, another volunteer, spoke on the difficult times that Covid virus has brought at our doorsteps.

Mr. Bikram Rana then addressed the gathering and appreciated the efforts of the Unit during the camp. He talked of the precautions that we must continue taking in order to break the Covid chain. He also inspired the volunteers to transform India and make it a better place to live in. He recalled the endless problems that the country has been facing since Independence. He talked of the investment that the country makes in the youth which should not go waste.

At the end, ten titles were given away to the most deserving volunteers. While Sarthak Sharma was adjudged the Best Volunteer (Male), Pratibha Beniwal walked away with the Best Volunteer (Female) title.



The NSS volunteers at KB DAV Sr. Secondary Public School-7, Chandigarh on the 6th day of their Camp, learned the way to de-stress themselves during the exam days with Ms. Anchal Sharma, the counselor from Fortis Hospital, Mohali delivering an impactful lecture on STUDY AND EXAM SKILLS IN DIGITAL ERA.  A wonderful session that dealt with all the aspects of exam-related anxieties were equally liked by all volunteers. Two videos at the end – the first a guide for the learners, and the second, a guide for the parents regarding dos and don’ts were quite helpful and informative.

Before this session, the learners participated in a small hand-wash activity near the water taps of the school. They underlined the need for proper cleaning of the hands so as to prevent being attacked by the virus, and break the deadly chain.



On Day 5 of their presence in the camp, the NSS volunteers of KBDAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector. 7 – B, Chandigarh found out the correct way of living life. Mr. Anurag Arora, the Yoga Instructor from the school was among them to once again remind them of the importance of making Yoga Aaasans an integral part of their lives. The instructor was good enough to not only have the volunteers perform different asanas, like Surya Namaskaar, Taar Aasan, Anulom-Vilom, and Shava Aasan, but also kept on informing them about the benefits of each  asanas on different parts of the body. He encouraged them to spare at least 15 minutes daily to perform yoga, failing which they may lose their immunity, and may age fast. He said the best way to keep the body function properly is to perform some common  asanas daily.

The second session of the day was taken by Sister Neha from Brahmkumaris Raj Yoga Bhawan, Sector. 33, Chandigarh. The session was about the impact that meditation can have in our life. Life will become much easier if we meditate daily in the morning and the evening, she said. All the negative emotions like hatred, jealousy, contempt, anger, impulsiveness, and adamance will go away, once we look into ourselves. We need to receive a better response from ourselves, she said, if we want to feel the internal peace, which is otherwise slipping far away from us. Just like Aatma Nirbhar Bharat, we need to find Aatma Nirbhar individuals to free ourselves from the shackles of emotional dependency, she said.



After taking care of their health and fitness the previous day, the volunteers at the NSS camp at KBDAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector. 7 – B, Chandigarh, sat down today to ponder over the career choices that are open to them in future. Mr. Surinder Pal, a city-based career counselor, joined the volunteers to counsel them on what choices they can make once they come across the dilemma. He also shared his examples of thousands of students who visit him, totally confused and not sure till the end what to do. He motivated the volunteers to stay focused right from the beginning and never go astray. He also answered queries from the volunteers who joined online and satisfied them with his replies, replete with anecdotes.

Mr. Shonit Sharma, an alumnus from the School, then took over and delivered a motivational talk to the volunteers. He encouraged the learners to be the change that they wish to see around. He also told the learners to be the doers, not just be the believers. He took the queries and answered them in his usual quirky style.



The third day of the NSS camp at KBDAV-7, Chandigarh saw the enthusiastic volunteers come out of their houses to go to the nearby park, and run/ jog/ cycle for an hour. The idea was to promote Health and Fitness among these youngins, and to imbibe the importance of exercising in a daily routine. Some of the volunteers also created videos of themselves exercising. They said they now realize the importance of including exercise and yoga in their daily routines.



Day 2 witnessed one of the best trainings departed to the volunteers in the NSS camp at KBDAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector. 7 - B, Chandigarh, thanks to Mr. Sanjay Kumar, Head Constable, Swayam team from UT police. The training was to defend oneself in case one is face to face with an unpleasant situation/person. It was difficult to judge what was more interesting – Mr. Sanjay’s lecture to the boys and girls on the right mode of living or his training of different strong moves to defend oneself in case of emergencies. He spoke about the lifestyle that is responsible for making us dullards, and camouflaging our capabilities, which are otherwise integrally present inside us. He then demonstrated different moves that can be used for self-defence, focusing on the strong and weak points in a human body. Even the learners attached online did the moves at their homes and enjoyed learning them.

The second session was taken by Mr. Harminder Singh, Mrs. Gaganpreet Kaur and Mr. Sachin Lohan, the Art and Craft faculty of KBDAV - 7, Chandigarh who very nicely taught mask-making to the learners. The learners from Govt. Model Senior Secondary School, Sector. 8 – D, Chandigarh also joined in virtually under the PARTNERSHIP BETWEEN THE SCHOOLS PROGRAMME. This session was also a learning experience of its kind as the learners had never believed earlier that mask-making was such fun and so easy. The learners, both physically and virtually present, learnt the art enthusiastically.




Christmas is the festival which inspires the spirit of sharing, kindness, and empathy towards one another. It marks the birth of Jesus to Mother Mary. The life of Jesus was one of hardship and sacrifices, and Christmas aims to acknowledge that fact.

Soaking in the spirit of Christmas six hundred tiny tots of classes 3 to 7virtually celebrated the festival with enthusiasm on December 24, 2020.

The virtual classrooms were beautifully decorated with bells stars, streamers, and everybody was dressed in red and white attire. The teachers showed the PPTs on the birth story of Lord Jesus. They showed stories of Santa Claus and others animated with moral values. The significance of the festival was explained to the students through these stories. Different games were played, quiz on Christmas, tongue twisters, fun-based activity ‘who puts the cookie first’ was played. Students wholeheartedly participated and enjoyed this activity the most. The students made beautiful cards posters and decorative material for Christmas and sang melodious carols and danced to wish their teachers and classmates. The entire celebration was filled with the positive vibrations of Christmas carols.  

To inculcate the spirit of sharing the students distributed a small Christmas gift to underprivileged people. The boundless joy of celebrating the festival was visible on the faces of all the students. Whole staff along with Co-ordinator ma’am and students enjoyed the beats of ‘jingle bells’. Principal ma’am appreciated the hard work, energy, and the new innovative ways put in by the staff and the students to make this virtual celebration a great success.



KB DAV students scripted history as they earned a spot in the Guinness World Record on 22nd December 2020  by participating in the Mega Event  ‘India International Science Festival (IISF)  2020’.  Seventy-five students of Class VII attempted a World Record Title on the “Largest Assembly of Sun Dial Nationwide on a Virtual Platform’. More than 6000 students created a world record nationwide by completing the assembling process in the stipulated hour. Union Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Harshvardhan, inaugurated the event, highlighting that students play a critical role in realizing the vision of New and Transformed India. It is a moment of great joy for all the students and a proud moment for the whole KB DAV Family. IISF provides a platform to exchange knowledge and ideas and to inculcate scientific temperament among the masses.



A special 7-day NSS Camp started at KBDAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector. 7-B, Chandigarh on 24th December 2020 bringing to action certain activities that the volunteers shall enthusiastically participate in. On the first day, the 50-member Unit of the school joined virtually as well as physically, with half of the learners connected online. The camp was inaugurated by the Principal of the school, Mrs. Pooja Prakash who addressed the volunteers and encouraged them to participate whole-heartedly in the activities lined up for them in a span of 7 days, and understand NSS from a closer look.

The NSS PO Mr. Shekhar Juneja then presented a PPT that highlighted the aims and objectives of NSS, with a special focus on the regular activities and the special camp. A session on Basic Life Support System presented by Ms. Natasha, the Clinical Instructor from Fortis Hospital under the guidance of Mrs. Meena Batta, Manager, Marketing Department, closed the day. The session was conducted online, but very effective as it gave a peep into what basically can be done in case someone around us receives a heart attack or a cardiac arrest.



To commemorate the Birth Anniversary of the Mathematics Scholar Srinivasa Ramanujan, nearly 200 class IV students of KB DAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector 7-B, Chandigarh participated virtually, in the National Mathematics Day on 21 December 2020.

The Event was celebrated to create logical and analytical thinking in young minds, besides developing their interest in Mathematics. Numerous activities like number games, video presentation depicting the life history of mathematical genius followed by Mathematical Quiz, speech, mathematical rangoli, geometrical design cards, and mathematical tricks based tambola were undertaken.

The celebration was concluded with the pledge ceremony taken by the students to study Maths with interest and enthusiasm.




Students of KB DAV-7, Chandigarh have earned laurels and accolades for the School by winning Coveted positions in ‘KAMP NASTA 2019’ – Knowledge and Mapping Awareness Platform 2020 Initiative taken by CSIR.

The main objective of the platform was to enhance scientific temperament providing measurable and unbiased mapping of knowledge.

A total of 33 children were shortlisted to enter this challenge. Aditi and Vanshaj Sharma topped at the District level. They bagged Gold Medals and Certificate of Excellence. Master Parth and Ms. Aditi were applauded for their stellar performances. They pocketed Gold Medals and stood first at the School level. Rest of the participants received certificates of participation.

Principal, Mrs. Pooja Prakash congratulated the winners of the medals. She motivated them by saying that every participant is a winner in his own way as participation in such events is itself quite appreciable.



A fire safety drill was held virtually for the learners from Classes XI and XII, and teachers of KB DAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector. 7 – B, Chandigarh by Mr. Gurmukh Singh Multani, Officer from Fire Department,  U. T., Chandigarh. Mr. Multani began the session by praising the learners of KBDAV-7, saying that the learners here are quite disciplined, as he has experienced with his regular visits to the school. He then went on to define fire, and what the components that come together to cause fire are. He very meticulously exemplified the need to always stay on an alert as fire can break out any time anywhere with just a little negligence.

He gave examples of how ‘Angithis’ used in the closed rooms during winters leads to asphyxia, and consequently, to the silent death of the victim. He then went on to give an example of a boy losing consciousness in his bathroom due to the leakage of gas from the geyser. He told the learners to be particular about closing the knob of the gas cylinder in the kitchen every day before retiring to bed. He spoke of a bus catching fire all of a sudden and how the passengers were saved by dousing the fire at the right time. He shared data of people losing lives every year from fire incidents.

He answered the query of one learner regarding the fire caused by short-circuiting. He advised all the listeners to buy fire extinguishers and keep one at their house. The extinguisher has an expiry of five years, and is helpful at the right time, he said. He floated his mobile number in case a listener still had some doubt and wanted clarification. It was really a fruitful session on fire safety.


Constitution Day Celebrated At KB DAV-7, Chandigarh

The Centre for Diversity and Inclusiveness, KB DAV-7, Chandigarh under the aegis of CBSE celebrated the 71st Anniversary of the adoption of our Constitution on 26th November 2020, with school learners.

 As a part of Constitution Day celebration and to reiterate the great work done by the revered members of the Constituent Assembly, Legal Literacy Club of the School took the onus and organized a plethora of activities for the learners from classes VIII –X and V-VIII. To instill the spirit of patriotism, Poster making competition for class VIII was organized on the theme “Life and contribution of Dr. B R Ambedkar” and “Fundamental Duties as Enshrined in the Constitution of India”.

Wherein students of class VIII showcased their creative skills, students of Class IX were involved in-class discussion on the topic, “Fundamental rights and duties”. Students spoke on the framework of the Constitution and focused on its role to bring the citizens of India together. To create social awareness regarding the importance of protecting the Constitution, a mass reading of the Preamble was organized, where everybody including the Principal, staff and students read out the Preamble. The motive behind this was to promote a clear understanding and awareness about the Constitution and to make the younger generation know the salient features and the importance of the Constitution of India.

The learners of classes’ 5th to 7th students were equally enthusiastic about the Constitution Day Celebration. To spread awareness of Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Duties enshrined in the Constitution of India and to spread awareness about its architect. The little enthusiasts celebrated the Indian Constitution Day in virtual classes with full enthusiasm with teachers.

All these activities gave a chance to our learners to be imbued with the Constitution of our country. There was great enthusiasm visible among the students. The learners vowed to become better citizens of India and this World.



Diwali, often referred to as the festival of lights, is perhaps the most exuberant and popular festival to be celebrated not only in India, but in many regions across the globe. At this time, all feuds are forgotten as people are on the zenith of rejoice.

KB DAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector 7B, Chandigarh left no stone unturned to ensure that the students bask in festivities and yet learn something new.

Inter School Diwali celebrations at the KBDAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector 7B, Chandigarh illuminated everyone’s heart with joy and fervour. The celebrations comprised a bunch of interschool exhilarating activities for the student of Classes VIII - X. The students of Class VIII heralded the festival of lights by exhibiting their culinary skills in the ‘Edible Diya Competition. Children participated with full zeal and enthusiasm as they doled out nutritious yet delectable delicacies. Diyas displayed were a visual treat and were presented in an artistic and aesthetic style. Judges were overawed by the efforts of the participants and results were announced amidst tough competition. First position was secured by Amrit Kaur of VIII-D, closely followed by Niharika of VIII-B and Aarushi of VIII-A who bagged the second position. The third position was shared by Nancy of VIII-B and Yash Marjara of VIII-C.

Wherein Class VIII students exhibited their culinary skills, Class IX students showcased their creativity and imagination in the ‘Al Hena Competition- Time to Adore You Maa - Mehndi Competition’. The children had an opportunity to display their innate creative talents through this competition. Their spontaneity and creativity was put to test when they were required to come up with attractive designs. Group effort, individual inputs in the form of planning, designing, outlining, analyzing the theme and presenting the final mehndi designs- made the day for the winning teams. Kritika Dhingra of IX C bagged the first position, followed by Arjoo Of IX B and Vedika of IX-A who clinched second position. Third position was shared by Mandeep Sahu and Shagun of IX-D. This competition was an interesting and unique way to express creative talent of young KBDAVians and gave each of them an opportunity to contribute in some way or the other to a creative pursuit.

Rangoli Making has been an essential part of Diwali celebrations in our country. Although Diwali is a festival of lights, the Rangoli colours play a big role in bringing out the festive spirit during these celebrations. Therefore, to promote this traditional art form amongst our students, an Interhouse Lakshmi Footprint- Rangoli Competition was organised for Class X students. Different theme was given to the students as the challenge was to creatively incorporate Lakshmi footprints in their design which added a slight twist to the competition and encouraged the students to think in an innovative manner. Such beautiful use of colours and designs added to the festive galore. Gorakshi Sinha of X-B bagged the first position, followed by Vanshika Bhardwaj and Noorakshi Anand of X-B who clinched second position. Third position was shared by Barleen Kaur of X-B and Harmannat Kaur of X-A. Both Teachers and students enjoyed the Diwali celebrations wholeheartedly.



No force, discernible or indiscernible can pierce through the unity that India stands for. India has remained one, and shall always stay one, despite its myriad diversities.

The learners of classes IX and X of KB DAV Senior Secondary Public School Sector 7-B, Chandigarh showed overwhelming interest in giving out this message through a slogan writing competition in which they supported the idea of, and stood for a Unified India. This message becomes all the more relevant in today's times. 

The NSS volunteers of the School chose to vow for the integrity of the nation. As many as 50 volunteers took a pledge to keep the country a United whole. In the pledge, the volunteers promised themselves and the nation that they would fulfill their duty of up keeping India's integrity and strength.



This Dussehra, the School Staff and Students took the initiative to keep COVID-19 at bay. When everyone is faced with challenges and emotional stress, it is only positive thoughts and actions that help one cut through the testing times. The guest speakers Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Dean Of the College, Head of Psychology  Department from Post-Graduate Government College, Sector 46, Chandigarh,  Dr. Arpita Kapur, an Anaesthesiologist, ASMO, Civil Hospital, Panchkula, Mrs. Pratibha Singh, Sub Inspector, Cyber Crime Investigation Cell, Chandigarh and Mr. Rajendar Suhag,  Senior Operator and Cyber Expert, Chandigarh Police  addressed concerns and queries of parents and students. Dr. Arpita Kapur spoke at length on the SOPs related to Reopening of the School Preparations to made by the School and the cautious approach to be adopted by the learners. Dr. Rajesh Kumar touched upon the psychological aspects of the present situation, and its impact on the students, their parents and teachers alike. Ms. Partibha threw light on how to safely navigate the cyber world and mitigate the risks that wait online.

The webinar was moderated by Ms. Pooja Prakash, Principal.

Happiness is an inside job. The phrase was aptly exemplified in the interaction with Dr. Rajesh Kumar.  The teachers, learners, and the parents were accorded the opportunity to learn the tips to develop a positive attitude towards life. He stated that in these uncertain and unpredictable times feelings of anger, depression, chronic stress and aggression are widespread. He focused on the components that build up stress during the pandemic such as anxiety of illness, social distancing, and uncertainty regarding the new normal. He said that these can be resolved by doing meditation, eliminating negativity, and spreading positive messages. He also shared a few tips on how to keep a balance between study time and ‘me time’. He suggested maintaining a daily schedule like walking time, taking multiple breaks, spending time with family, reading books etc. He also stressed on following Four D’s Strategy i.e Delay, Destruction, Deep breathing and Drinking Water. There is a need to adapt to changes in life, focus on positive communication and value system, leading a healthy lifestyle by listening to music, doing meditation and exercise. 

Dr. Kapur, through her equally impressive PPT presentation, brought awareness regarding the present condition, symptoms and prevention of Coronavirus spread. She also appreciated the process of online teaching and that said that it was a preferred mode for many.  She advised everyone to enjoy the festive season this year virtually. She stressed on the famous quote “Prevention is better than cure”. Sharing SOPs on usage of mask, sanitizers, she laid stress on maintaining social distancing, diet as well as hygiene.

Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity – not a threat”

Even though there is an excessive use of technology, the prevailing knowledge regarding the crimes occurring in Cyberspace is inadequate. In order to understand the various concerns and challenges related to Cyber Crime and how to protect oneself from becoming a victim, a session on Cyber Security was taken by Ms. Partibha Singh, Sub Inspector of Cyber Crime, Investigation Cell, Chandigarh. She apprised everyone on how to remain digitally safe during online classes and also during using social networking sites. She stressed that the parents should develop confidence in their children that they feel free to share their problems with them. Proper monitoring of usage of the mobile phones was advised. The audience was introduced to various terminologies like Cyber Bullying, Hacking etc. She stressed on counseling of the students who are addicted to the virtual world. She also shared the website for reporting Cyber Crime.

An unending series of queries in the chatbox, and an overwhelming response from the parents and students alike for the school for organizing such an the informative webinar took it to its successful culmination



“Strength does not come from Physical Capacity. It comes from an Indomitable Will”

Mahatma Gandhi Ji, more fondly known as Bapu by all Indians is internationally acknowledged for his doctrine of non-violence that led to India to its glorious freedom. KBDAV-7, Chandigarh conducted a myriad of activities to commemorate the 150 Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi Ji. Various activities like Slogan writing on the Theme “Your learning from the life of Gandhi Ji”, Home Cleanliness Drive, Lecture Series on the Life Of Mahatma Gandhi, Essay Writing Competition and Declamation Competition were conducted for the School learners.

The School carried out a sensitization programme – an extension to the Swchhtta Abhiyan. “Controlling the air you breathe is a simple way to help your body stay healthy”-students came forward and made tri-color masks showing their love for the country and for self-protection. “Stay Safe, Leave a Space’ - this is the slogan of students, who maintained a habit of social distancing. PPT and Role Play on  Chickengunia and Dengue fever prevalent during the monsoon months was shared with all learners, who made videos, participated in poster competitions and planted medicinal saplings for a clean and safe environment.

The Principal, Mrs. Pooja Prakash appreciated the learners for their exemplary efforts.


ECO Alert – World Ozone Day Celebrations by KB DAV-7

In a drive to create awareness about the importance of the Ozone layer amongst students, KBDAV-7 celebrated 35 years of the Vienna Convention and 35 years of Global Ozone Layer Protection on 16th September 2020. Eco Club of the School organized Poster Making and Video Making competition for the learners of class IV to class X. The theme of the competition was “OZONE- ROOF FOR LIFE”. Learners participated enthusiastically and made beautiful posters and videos depicting sustainable development goals protecting the environment and natural resource, measures of protection from excessive UV radiations and selecting goods without ozone-depleting substances.

Learners of class VIII- X had also participated in an online quiz organized by South Asian Meteorological Association under the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.



KB DAV-7 Learners in Ozone Day Quiz  

Marking International Day for the preservation of the Ozone layer on Friday, learners of class VIII to X of KBDAV-7, Chandigarh participated enthusiastically in an online quiz organized by the South Asian Meteorological Association (SAMA) jointly with Indian Meteorological Department, Indian Meteorological Society, and Vigyan Prasar under DST, Govt of India. The quiz was open for students from South Asian Countries. 04 students viz. Manvi Goel and Aditya Gupta of class VIII; Aryan Gautam and Varun Pant of class IX were selected among the top 10% students from India for meritorious certificates. 

The Principal, Mrs Pooja Prakash congratulated the winners.

·         Manvi Goel (8-D)

·         Aditya Gupta (8-A)

·         Aryan Gautam (9-A); and

·         Varun Pant (9-A)


KB DAV-7 Celebrates Hindi Diwas with Enthusiasm

To commemorate the day, India adopted Hindi as its official language, KBDAV-7, Chandigarh observed online Hindi Diwas with great fanaticism and enthusiasm. The event was conducted with the motive of imbibing interest for Hindi amongst the students. To highlight the importance of Hindi as ‘Matra Bhasha’, students of Primary and Middle Section participated in Kavita Gayan, Nibandh, and Bhashan Pratiyogita and showcased their talent and creative skills.

The students of Secondary Classes expressed their mind towards language by writing slogans, poems, and designing attractive cards, bringing in the notice of all that Hindi is spoken by around 258 million people and is recognized as the fourth ‘Most Spoken Language’ in the World.

The celebration concluded at a positive note.


Learning is Fun at KBDAV 7


Experiments are a great way of analyzing how well one understands a subject and correlate the theoretical knowledge with its practical application in real life. It encourages students to stretch their knowledge horizons and look beyond what they are taught in class.

To instill experiential learning and encourage a fun way of learning mathematics among students, Maths Department of  KB DAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector 7-B, Chandigarh took an initiative and organized the event “EXPERIENTIAL AND JOYFUL LEARNING THROUGH MATHEMATICS IN THE WORLD OF MENSURATION” from September 7, 2020 to September 11, 2020, for class VIII learners. The students enthusiastically performed the experiment on finding the volume of a cylinder through the material available at home. The event witnessed much fanfare with young enthusiasts zealous to showcase their intellect by carrying out the experiment with perfection. The budding students expressed their logical thinking and gained confidence.

This the event gave the learners’ first-hand learning experience by making them do experiment on finding the volume of a cylinder (mensuration).The the objective was to enable the learners to think out of the box, improving their knowledge and learning, besides building creative thinking and promoting problem solving skills among the learners    



Every major decision taken at the Centre directly affects the youth of a Nation. And when the decision is as strong, challenging and vibrant, as the need for making India a Self-Reliant Nation, the youth of the Country cannot afford to sit back silent and merely observe. So, when the Prime Minister of the Country, Mr. Narendra Modi announced in May 2020 that the time to make the Country Self-Reliant has come, the young brains of KBDAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector. 7 – B, Chandigarh from Classes IX and X pulled up their socks and got together in a webinar on 13 August 2020 to discuss the feasibility of the proposal.

The discussion on the issue was organised in the form of a debate on the motion: SELF-RELIANT INDIA- a DISTANT DREAM, with 32 teams presenting their arguments in favour of and against the motion, and around 95 participants attending the meet.  The Principal of the school, Mrs.Pooja Prakash was herself one of the judges of the debate, with Ms. Beenu Malhotra, teacher of English for Secondary and Senior Secondary classes, being the second judge.

The views from both the sides were so strong and convincing that it was hard to be on one side completely. Whereas the debaters supporting the motion argued that the impediments on the path to self-reliance were many, and quite tough; the speakers criticising them quoted examples of the sectors in which India has already shown its independence, and is on the way to make 12 more sectors self-reliant soon.

When one debater argued that India faces challenges of transportation cost, expensive power and property, and complicated labour laws, her opponent lost no time in shooting back that the new policies being framed at the Centre were going to find a solution to each hurdle that India has faced hitherto. One speaker pointed out the resolve of India to invite as many countries as possible in the near future to come and invest here, and set up their companies in India, offering employment, training and research opportunities to millions of Indians in whom lies a humongous potential, waiting to be tapped.

By the end of the debate, the motion seemed to be tilted in favour of A SELF-RELIANT INDIA, A new INDIA with lots of positive things happening soon. Both the judges congratulated the speakers for coming forward and expressing their robust views, and encouraged them to continue working to give shape to the SELF-RELIANT INDIA of tomorrow.



With Experiential Learning being the new norm, and precedence given to interactive over instructional mode of teaching, KB DAV-7, Chandigarh organized a 4-day ‘Explore’ – Science Experiential Online Workshop for Class VIII from 4th August to 7th August 2020. The learners were actively engaged in a number of hands-on experiments followed by reflective monitoring of the learning process to aid better concept clarity. Experiments on concepts like Density, Miscible and Immiscible Liquids, Emulsions, Atmospheric Pressure, Cohesion, Adhesion, Capillary Action and Surface Tension were performed at home, with material available. An informative Power Point Presentation followed the discussion. The School aims at instilling on scientific temperament among its learners, who showed an enthusiastic inclination to learn!


KB DAV-7 Organized ‘Designathon’ - Tri-City DAV Schools Participated in Online Safety Competitions

To encourage creative skills with a blend of technology, the Cyber Congress Club of school laid out an array of activities for Tricity DAV Schools for the students of Classes VIII-XII from 11 July 2020 – 21 July 2020. The Competitions served the purpose of creating awareness regarding Online Safety and Wise Use of Technology among learners.

A spate of activities such as Self-PhotomontageImagination to AnimationOnline Safety MaskAlph-ArtDigital Poster Competition and Screen Masters were conducted. This array of activities provided students a flexible framework to blend artistic excellence with technology in this social media driven era.

All Competitions were assessed on the basis of rubrics relevant to the Competition as Theme, Creativity & Artistic skills and Designing Skills. Designathon saw the participation of 99 participants from Tricity DAV Schools while winners were selected by the Hon’ble  Jury Members,  Mr. Sandeep Joshi, National Cartoonist, The Tribune; Dr. Ritika Bansal, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Sciences and Applications, MCM DAV College for Women, Chandigarh; Ms. Deepti Sharda, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Sciences and Applications, MCM DAV College for Women, Chandigarh. Winners & participants will receive Trophies & Certificates


KBDAV 7 Celebrates Water Week : "Volturnalia" : An Odyssey To Save Water

Among the top most priorities with KBDAV-7, water conservation has always taken the lead, owing to the water crisis that we witness around the World these days. KBDAV-7 has never lagged behind in creating awareness among its students to preserve water for future use, and to spread the message far and wide the week from 20 July 2020- 25 July 2020 was dedicated to celebrating Water Week at the School for class VIII learners. A series of Competitions took place from Monday to Saturday to bring home the fact that survival on this planet is impossible without water.

Cadence competition- A competition to test the Musical Skills of the Learners and create the best Jingle, for the enthusiastic performance from the young minds.

The evil of wastage of water masquerades itself behind the faces of those careless people who allow water to run freely and uselessly. Keeping this in view a mask making competition was organised on the second day and this also received an overwhelming response from the learners who created myriad kinds of masks and impressed everyone with their creativity.

Event 3 of Water Week tested the Innovative Skills along with the skills of Oration and Expression among the Learners. "Walk the Talk" was the name of the competition that brought out the Tech Savvy selves of the students who created videos to spread the ever important message of conserving water.

E–savvy students designed some very beautiful E-logos on 23 July which further strengthened their resolve not to let go the issue of water conservation down the drain. Their imaginative and aesthetic processes won appreciation from everyone.

If one has to explore the dormant journalistic qualities in someone, then age stands no bar to this quality. The creation of stories, poems, articles, puzzles, comic strips and much more by the class VIII learners on July 25, 2020 for the E Journal competition proved this fact right. Some of the creations on this day were actually nail biting and awe inspiring.

What better way to conclude the Water Week than to hold a Brain Testing and Mind Blowing Quiz asking Learners to rub their quizzical senses and answer some of the burning questions on the issue of water shortage and its prevention. The class VIII learners did not fight shy in surprising even in this concluding Competition of the week. We have the Artists, the Quizzers, the Journalists and the Speakers among these budding students. In nutshell, KBDAV-7 was successful in preparing an Army of Water Saviours with this week long practice of instilling the best water habits among its students and of speaking loud the message to the society around.

                                    Winners of the competitions are:

Event Name


Cadence- Jingle Making Competition (20.07.2020)

1.   Niharika (VIII B)

2.   Paras (VIIIC),


3.   Sanvi (VIIIC)

Mask Making Painting Through Pandemic (21.07.2020)

1.   Sanvi Verma (VIII C)

2.   Amrit Kaur (VIII D)

3.   Alfia (VIII E)

Walk The Talk (22.07.2020)

1.   Niharika (VIII B)

2.   Siya Seth (VIII D)

3.   Harman (Guru Teg Bahadur School)

Bhuman (VIII A)

E Logo Designing (23.07.2020)

1.   Yuvraj Arora (VIII D)

2.   Chitraksh (VIII B)

3.   Kiran Verma (VIII C)

E Journaling (24.07.2020)


1.   Rayan Group (VIII A)

2.   Nero Newsline- Rehansh (VIII D)

3.   Paras (VIII C)

Quiz- Know Thy Yourself As Water Saviour (25.07.2020)

1.   Manvi and Saranshi (VIIID)2.

2.   Bhumika Aggarwal (VIII A)

Rehansh (VIII D)

3.   Aditya Gupta (VIII A)



When faced with the toughest of the times in life, ‘never giving up’ is the only thing that can help sail us through and reach the other side of the tunnel. With this message as the reverberating voice throughout the webinar organised for the students of classes IX to XII, and their parents by KBDAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector. 7 – B on July 18, 2020, it was once again proved that it is only positive thoughts and actions that help one cut through the testing times. The guest speakers Dr. Arpita Kapur, and anaesthesiologist from ASMO, Civil Hospital, Panchkula, Ms. Anchal Sharma, the counselling psychologist from Fortis, Mohali and Sister B. K. Neha, Rajyoga Teacher, participated in the LIVE WEBINAR ‘ The Art of being Happy’. Whereas Dr. Arpita Kapur spoke at length on the spread of coronavirus and the necessary precautions one must take to avoid contracting it, Ms. Anchal Sharma touched on the psychological aspects of the present situation, and its impact on the students, their parents and teachers alike. Sister B. K. Neha soothed the nerves of the tense students and their parents through her serene discourse and meditation session.

 Dr. Kapur, through her equally impressive PPT presentation, brought awareness regarding the present condition, symptoms and prevention of Coronavirus spread. She also appreciated the process of online teaching that is the ‘in-thing’ now, but warned against its negative impacts if overdone. She told the learners and their parents to take care of ‘A to F’ strategy, which will surely help them to ease out. It is taking care of: Awareness, Break, Cutting down the total gadget time, Diet, Exercise and Family time.

If Dr. Kapur was successful in creating awareness without triggering the panic button, Ms. Anchal Sharma, the counselling psychologist applied the soothing balm on the stressed minds of the students and their parents by dealing with the psychological side. With an interesting PPT presentation, she took the students, parents and teachers for a ride through their levels of mental stress, and the ways of controlling the personal alarming situations. She spoke of three phases that every change brings in: i) the Initial Reaction (Emotional), ii) the Intermediate Reaction (Intellectual), and, iii) the Final Healthy Reaction (Acceptance). She quoted Hellen Keller and Viktor E. Franki to suggest that there is always a space between a stimulus and response to it. We have got to react with patience in that space to finally control our response.

The final sublimation came from the discourse by Sister Neha who patiently answered each question posed to her with an example quoted every time. She alluded the functioning of our brain for example to the working of an Air Conditioner. To use AC to cool or to heat is in our control. So should be the control on our brains. By finding good behind every negativity, by not discussing our insecurities with our loved ones, by welcoming our critics with open arms we can search for the golden rays behind our worries and tensions, she exclaimed. A live session of meditation by her in the webinar brought the students and parents to their better and relaxed selves.

The success of a session is determined by the interest that the attendees take in it. The presence of a mammoth 200 participants, an unending series of queries in the chat box, and an overwhelming applause and thanks by the parents and students alike for the school for organising such an informative webinar took it to its successful culmination.



“It is not the size of a girl in the fight, but the size of the fight in a girl”, and “there is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise”, were two of the many quotes that defined woman power, today in a G-meet where the Principal of KBDAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector. 7 – B, Chandigarh Mrs. Pooja Prakash, the teachers of the Senior Secondary Wing and the learners of XI had gathered to observe Malala Day and to celebrate the power of womanhood.

As many as seven learners spoke their minds on the heights that a woman has achieved with leaders like Malala Yousafzai at the helm. Malala who rose from ashes like a phoenix is a known name across the world, advocating the right to education of the girl child. “Sometimes you just have to die a little inside in order to be reborn, and rise again as a stronger and wiser version of you.”

Ananaya Thakur, Manya Bansal and Rishi Nayyar praised Malala for setting a benchmark for the girls of the world to follow. Age does not matter if you want the world to sit up and notice you, said these speakers, quoting Malala’s great achievements. Whereas speakers like Arpita Nara, Palak, Nishtha Kalia and Anushka Mehal recited poems and celebrated women empowerment in their own unique styles. Finally, Principal Mrs. Pooja Prakash appreciated the efforts of the learners for recognising Malala Yousafzai and knowing more about her life, replete with struggles. She encouraged the children to never lose sight of their goals, and create a dent with their arduous efforts.



A mega participation of more than 1100 students followed in a series of events like face painting, poster making competition, poetry recitation, speech contests and even enacted in online plays.

World Environment Day is the opportunity for everyone to realize the responsibility to care for the earth and to become agents of change.

116 Students of Class 8th to 10th participated in the Online Quiz Competition, organized by Environmental Information System, Chandigarh. The participants gauged their knowledge and understanding of ‘Biodiversity’.

Hon’ble Additional District and Sessions Judge, Sh. Mahavir Singh Ahlawat conducted an Interactive Session for 68 students of Class 11th and teachers. They were formally welcomed by the Principal of the School, Mrs. Pooja Prakash.

In his enriching session, he emphasized on the fact that students are future leaders and need to be dutiful and committed to the society. The key-note speaker talked on the topics ranging from Constitution of India, Duties towards the environment, Bio-diversity to the current threat of COVID-19. Expressing his concerns, he said that there is no doubt that COVID-19 has given a big challenge to Medical Sciences but at the same time it has proven to be a ‘Blessing in Disguise’ as the real beauty of the nature could be seen during this period.

He specially asked the members of Legal Literacy Club to spread information about Legal Aid Programs and to make Justice accessible to all. He also shared Helpline numbers in case any legal aid is required and made the audience aware about the working of State Legal Services Authority.

Information was shared about the Legal Assistance provided to Female, Disabled, Jail inmates, Disaster Victims, the Public Utility Services and how to get benefit of these services.

Issues of Drug Abuse, Violence, Direct or Indirect involvement in the crime were addressed. In an Interactive Session Tanveer Kaur, Nishtha Kalia of Class 11th recited the poems expressing their concerns for environment. Anushka Gautam and Nishtha Kalia raised queries asking “Should Lockdown be made a regular practice for improving environment?”

The School feels that these initiatives create consciousness in Community and empower learners to become active agents in promoting the cause of the environment.


KB DAV-7 Celebrates World Environment Day 2020

To save and protect our environment from different environmental challenges the world is facing today, the learners of KB DAV-7 participated in an On-Line Inter-School Poster, Poetry and Refurbished Art Contest. It was organized by Yuvsatta-NGO, along with Department of Environment, Chandigarh Administration. A platform was provided to the students to give wings to their ‘Words’ and ‘Colours’ to express their concerns for promoting the dimensions of Environmental Sustainable Development Goals through their creations in the form of poems and poster.

The participants were appreciated for their exemplary efforts. The winners of the contest will be announced after the present lockdown.



The COVID 19 Pandemic Lockdown could not contain the spirit of a Champion. Second Grade KBDAV-7 student Vaishanvi Gupta made the most of the lockdown period and rocked the World by performing a record breaking feat of ‘most number of Hula Hoop rotation around knee’.

On May 02, Vaishanvi performed World record of rotating Hula Hoop around her knee of 190 rotations in a minute. Her parent recorded the astounding performance. The Triumph World Records, adjudicated the performance and acknowledged the remarkable accomplishment of nine-year old Vaishnavi.

Triumph World Record, which has evolved to recognize the immense level of hidden talents of the people across the Globe, issued a certificate on May 13. 2020. Mukta Pratap, Chief Adjudicator, Triumph World Record registered the record on May 13th 2020.

KBDAV-7  Principal Mrs Pooja Prakash congratulated Vaishanvi for the record-breaking performance. “Vaishanvi has done the School proud".

Proud parents of Vaishanvi, said, “She made the most of the lockdown and didn’t give up once she set the target. We believe in what former President Dr A P J Abdul Kalam said, “Great dreams of great dreamers always transcend.”



A hundred times every day, I remind myself that my inner and outer life depend on the labours of other men, living and dead, and that I must exert myself in order to give, in the same measure, as I have received and am still receiving”.

If we are receiving our essentials in our area today, it’s because of someone who toils day and night to bring them to our doorsteps.

If we find cleanliness and hygiene maintained around our houses, it is they who remove the last speck of dust from our streets.

If we find the garbage lifted from our houses, it’s they, who move from house to house, carrying their lives on their sleeves in these turbulent times, leaving behind a satisfaction of their arrival each day.

If we find the premises of our buildings/offices safeguarded, it is due to the presence of these silent workers.

KBDAV-7, Chandigarh encourages its learners to express their gratitude to all the COVID warriors and its Family of Class IV employees, without whose support things are bound to collapse.  Students of Class XI and Class II shared posters and cards online to express their heart-felt gratitude to these warriors on the occasion of Labour Day .


KB DAV-7 Electoral Literacy Club conducts On-line School Senate Elections 2020

The Electoral Literacy Club of the K.B DAV Senior Secondary Public School conducted On-line Senate elections for the post of Captains and Vice Captains for the Four School Houses today. The Club received an exuberant response from the students of Class IX-XII as 75% of the voters came forward to make the first of its kind- Online Senate Election Campaign a success!

The School children have proved that they are conscientious voters and went through a two-day process, where the nominated candidates first canvassed online through recorded Video-Links shared on the school website, to woo the voter from Class IX to XII. This was followed by a Google Ballot paper containing the names of the candidates in the fry. Finally, the home turned into a Polling Booth on 29th April 2020, during the polling hours of 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. 

In total, 21 students from Four Houses namely Jasmine, Rose. Lotus and Tulip contested for the position of House Captain and 19 students for the position of School Vice-Captain.

The future of these contestants is in the hands of 649 Electorate, out of which 485 utilized their Right to Vote and cast their votes on-line in favour of their favourite candidate. The Electoral Process observed 74.7% voting. Overall, it was a great learning and enriching experience for one and all.

The Mandate of this experiential learning, through the School Senate Elections, is now awaited


Rebooting the Earth on Earth Day

In its Drive ‘Taking Earth Back Home’, KB DAV-7 celebrates 50th Earth Day unlocking the potential of the learners by conducting thought provoking competitions. The competitions were held for the students of classes VIII, IX & X in order to unlock their potentials by keeping them productively engaged during lockdown. Through these competitions not only wings were given to their imagination but their hidden talents were also given an exposure.This year a spade of activities were organized online for the learners.

The students of Class VIII Participated in a Poetry Writing Competition ‘Evoke the Poet Within’. As many as 14 students tried their hand as a poet. They expressed themselves creatively on the sensitive topics like ‘Corona Virus Pandemic; Makes Nature Dynamic’, ‘Corona Mahamari Ki Prakriti Bani Aabhari’. The Self-created poems of the students were judged for their Originality, Imagination and Relevance with the Topic.

The winners of Poetry Writing Competition (in English):

S. No.

Name of the student

Class & Section



Anhad Kaur Bhatia




Sidhi Rawat











The winners of Poetry Writing Competition (in Hindi):

S. No.

Name of the student

Class & Section



Shreyansh Singh








Amrit Kaur



‘Capture the Nature’ was the competition designed for Class IX students in which they were asked to randomly click the Blooming Flowers, Cloud Patterns and Birds in different Moods. These 70 Amateur Photographers seized captivating pictures of the nature staying indoors. The criteria for judging the entries were - Composition, Clarity and Moment captured.

The winners of Photography Competition:

S. No.

Name of the student

Class & Section



Tavish Bhradwaj








Aaryan Sharma











Class X students showcased their talent participating in a Cooking Competition ‘Let’s Be Vegan’. The Participants shared the recipes of mouth-watering dishes mentioning the Ingredients used, Calorie Content and their nutritional value. The dishes tickled the taste buds and were judged on the basis of their presentation, calorie content and Nutritional value.

                           The winners of the Cooking Competition:

  S. No.

  Name of the Participant




Noorakshi Anand

10 B





Vanshika Bhardwaj

10 B


Mehak Chauhan

10 B


Barleen Kaur

10 B



10 D




Avneet Kaur

10 B



10 B


Riya Sajwan

10 D


Gorakshi Singh

10 B




Nehal Jaswal

10 B


Sehajpreet Kaur

10 B