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Child Rights Awareness Session at KBDAV-7, Chandigarh


“If you make the world better for KIDS,

You make it better for EVERYONE”

This powerful thought struck a chord with many on 2nd November, 2022 at Kailash Bahl DAV Public School, a one day session was organized by the Chandigarh Commission for Protection of Child Rights, an important initiative taken by the chairperson ma’am Harjinder kaur to spread the awareness of child rights, an engaging and informative session was conducted for more than four hundred Young Minds, Teachers, and Counselors.


The CCPCR resource person Ma’am Ankita spoke about the POCSO Act 2019, to name a few.  She stressed that schools should have a collective vision to protect and nurture children. She emphasized on the duties of Teachers, Schools, Parents, and Law Protectors of the country towards the increasing rate of child abuse was a matter of concern. The students were sensitized about the types of abuse and what measures should be taken to prevent such issues. They were informed about the four rights like Right to Survival, Right to Protection, Right to Development and Right to Participation.



A Traffic Awareness Session for Class IX students was conducted at Kailash Bahl DAV Senior Secondary Public School, by the personnel of the Traffic Department, Chandigarh. The session was conducted by Sub Inspector, Mr. Bhupinder Singh in the B.S. Bahl Multimedia Hall, comprising of nearly 90 class IX students.

The students were apprised of the importance of wearing helmets and seat belts.  They were alerted about the ills of underaged driving and the consequences thereafter. They were asked questions about the road safety and all their doubts for road safety rules were cleared. They were told about the harms of drunken driving and over speeding, in a creative way through a song. Various videos were shown regarding the accidents that have happened in Chandigarh last year, with analytical details. Differentiation between the person following the rules and not following the rules were shown. Later to make the Event joyful, a breath full song sung by the Sub Inspector highlighted the Importance of traffic rules. This was followed by the Quiz competition, in which students were awarded with trophies.



To impart training for the implementation of NEP-2020, a one-day Capacity Building Workshop was organized at KB DAV Senior Secondary Public School, Chandigarh, in collaboration with COE, CBSE (Chandigarh Region) on 10th September 2022.

The workshop aimed at guiding Academic Leaders, Principals and Teachers to enhance the existing practices and knowledge regarding the curriculum framework with NEP in context.

Mrs. Kulwant Kaur Rehal, the Chief Spokesperson of the day by CBSE stressed Multidisciplinary Approach in Educational System focusing on 4C’s i.e Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking and Creativity. Speaking on essential inputs to be considered-Education System should be Student-Centered, focusing more on Experiential Learning.

Around 56 participants, inclusive of Principals and Teachers from various schools all over Chandigarh and Punjab attended the Workshop.



26 August 2022, a special day for the Computer faculty of KBDAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector. 7-B, Chandigarh, which saw scores of Teachers of Computer Science from different towns of North region, bringing their heads together to dig into a significant topic of 'Python for Class XII' in a one-day Capacity Building Programme hosted by the School. 46 out of 59 Teachers were in attendance for the day. 

Mr. Abhishek Sharma, the Assistant Professor from CSE Department of Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhajeri, the Resource Person from Center of Excellence, CBSE, Chandigarh spoke to the intellectual faculty on the topic of the day.  The workshop ran from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in which a good practice of the subject of 'Python Programming' was done by the attendees. Hand-outs on Fundamentals of Python language were distributed to the Teachers, followed by question-answer session. Certain topics related to Python language like lists, tuples, dictionary, functions and control structure were discussed threadbare. Not only that, online resources available, like LeetCode and offering a plethora of python programs and projects were brought into discussion. Real world examples found their way into discussion which made the workshop interesting and captivating. The workshop strengthened the logical and reasoning skills of the attendees.

The workshop concluded with the distribution of certificates to the attendee Teachers, leaving behind a strong hold on one of the most important topics of Computer education.


A Session on ‘Emergency Preparedness’ for Staff Members at KB DAV-7


About 100 Staff members attended a session on ‘Emergency Preparedness’ as Emergencies and Disasters can strike anywhere and at any time bringing work place injuries and illnesses with them. Staff members may be required to deal with an emergency when it is least expected and proper planning before an emergency is necessary to respond effectively. Keeping all these issues in consideration a session was held on ‘Emergency Preparedness’.

To start with, a session was conducted by ‘Hands on Heart Club’ of Team Fortis comprising of Dr. Sunil Kumar, Senior Consultant Critical Care Fortis; Ms Amrit Kaur and Ms. Ruchi, Senior Clinical instructors and Ms Meena Batta, Marketing Manager.

Dr. Sunil Kumar in his address said that the skill on first-aid is very essential for all the staff members. The session focused on the basics of First-aid. He emphasized on the fact that we can’t stop disaster but we need to arm ourselves with knowledge which in turn can save many lives. He discussed about the cases of Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest when a person becomes unresponsive. Dr. Sunil Kumar along with his team members gave a demonstration on a mannequin.

Next session was conducted by Mr. Dilip S. Thakur, Sub-Fire Officer, Manimajra Fire Station, M.M., Chandigarh. He strongly stressed on the fact that we should not wait for the disaster to happen but should be well equipped with the knowledge to bring the victim out of the complexities which may happen after the disaster. In quite an interesting manner, he explained the concept of ‘Triangle of Fire’ and gave a practical demonstration of putting off fire using a Fire Extinguisher. He explained the rule of ‘PASS’ to extinguish a fire and shared the Emergency Dial No 112 with the audience.

Both the sessions were quite informative and enriched the audience regarding ‘Emergency Preparedness’.

Mrs. Promila Deol, the teacher of Social Studies took a session on ‘Disaster Management’. She cautioned the audience regarding various calamities and catastrophes which may occur anytime anywhere in the world. She further added that there is no need however to be panicky when a disaster strikes rather it requires apt preparedness to safeguard oneself.




“Menarche – A landmark in the growth and development of an adolescent Girl”

A session was conducted at KBDAV-7 for girl students of Classes VI, to IX by Dr. Mamta from “Global Hunt Foundation’ to devlopthe knowledge of girls on the subject of mensuration. The session took around one and half an hour. The session entails a comprehensive understanding on the What, Why and How to Menarche develop a biological understanding.

The lecture stood for 'before and post-session' knowledge assessment in which the students were asked to answer some questions before and after the session. 




An Anti-Tobacco Workshop was conducted at KB DAV-7 on Wednesday, September 11, 2019, to create Awareness among the students on the ill effects of Tobacco and Smoking.  It was conducted by Dr. Ikreet Singh Bal, Associate Professor at Dr.Harvansh Singh Judge Institute of Dental Sciences and Hospital and his interns Dr. Gurmeet Kaur, an Alumna of the School and Dr. Malvika Negi.

Dr. Bal briefed the students about the ill effects of tobacco in smoking, inhaling and chewing as well as on the various health hazards relating to smoke like smoke from Chullah, e- cigarettes, hookah etc. He also spoke about the impact on passive smokers. The team of doctors warned the students about the addiction of tobacco and attended to their queries about the various aspects of the topic. In the highly interactive workshop, the team outlined the various risk factors associated with tobacco consumption and interacted with the students to get their views. The purpose of the interaction was to elucidate the young students about the menace of tobacco consumption and make them alert about the prevailing threat.



Under the aegis of DAV Centre for Excellence, New Delhi and with an able guidance of Cluster Head, Principal Mrs. Jaskiran Harika, a very productive One-day Capacity Building Workshop for Primary and Secondary teachers of Hindi, Punjabi & Sanskrit was conducted at KB DAV Sr. Secondary Public School-7, Chandigarh on 28th June 2019 with an aim to equip them with Innovative teaching practices in teaching literature and languages.  Nearly 22 teachers of Hindi, Punjabi & Sanskrit from DAV Schools, Chandigarh attended the Training Session which began with a Lamp Lighting followed by DAV Gaan.

A highly informative session on the Importance of Hindi Grammar and Strengthening Writing skills and ‘Experiential Learning’ and framing Question Banks  for classes VIII, IX and X was conducted by  Dr. Lalita Puri and Mr. Sahib Singh from KB DAV-7, Chandigarh alongwith Ms. Rupa and Ms. Bhawna from DAV-15, Chandigarh.

Using power-point presentation and colorful art activities, another productive session to improve the Literature, Language and writing skills of Sanskrit subject amongst the students was conducted by Mrs. Suchitra from DAV-8, Chandigarh and Mr. Manju Singh from KBDAV-7, Chandigarh.

To enhance Punjabi language learning and to bring to realisation the importance of Punjabi subject amongst the students, an interesting session using ICT Apps and Tools was conducted by Mrs. Ritu Gill from  KBDAV-7, Chandigarh.  The session gave an exposure to the teachers regarding the digital world and how to use it effectively in teaching.

On the whole, the workshop was effective and beneficial for the participants.  Finally, a Valedictory ceremony was held, wherein the Master Trainers and the Teacher Participants were felicitated by the Cluster Head, Principal Mrs. Jaskiran Harika, and the host Principal, Mrs. Pooja Prakash, as the Program Coordinator.




With an aim to equip the teachers of English with skills to use ICT Apps and tools, Integrated Art with English Language and incorporate Experiential Learning into their teaching, a very productive One-day Capacity Building Workshop for Primary and Secondary teachers was conducted at KB DAV Sr. Secondary Public School-7, Chandigarh on 27th June 2019, where nearly 20 teachers of English from DAV Schools, Chandigarh attended the Training Session under the aegis of DAV Centre for Excellence, New Delhi with an able guidance of Cluster Head, Principal  Mrs. Jaskiran Harika.  The training session began with a Lamp Lighting followed by DAV Gaan.

A highly informative session on the latest concept of the ‘Experiential Learning’ and ‘Question Bank’ was conducted by  Mrs.Beenu Malhotra from KB DAV-7, Chandigarh.  The theories of Learning Pyramid, Cognitive Learning & Behavioral Learning theory were explained thoroughly.

To improve the writing skills of students, another productive session was conducted by Mrs. Mamta Nagpal from DAV-8, Chandigarh.   

To enhance language learning, an interesting session was jointly conducted by Mrs. Rajni from DAV-15, Chandigarh and Mrs. Rachna from DAV-8, Chandigarh on the usage of ICT Apps and Tools to enhance language learning.  The session gave an exposure to the teachers to the digital world and how to use it effectively in teaching English language.

On the whole, the workshop was effective and beneficial for the participants.  Finally, a Valedictory ceremony was held, wherein the Master Trainers and the Teacher Participants were felicitated by Principal, Mrs. Jaskiran Harika, the Cluster Head and the host Principal, Mrs. Pooja Prakash, as the Program Coordinator.



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