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Stream XI And XII  

Subject Combinations:  CLASS XI and XII

School offers three streams: Medical, Non-Medical and Commerce. A student is required to select 5 subjects for the opted stream.


Compulsory Electives

Optional Electives

Compulsory Subject


Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Computer Science  or  
Physical Education



Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics

Computer Science  or  
Physical Education



Economics, Accounts,
Business Studies

Computer Science  or  Physical Education or Mathematics



No change of subject is allowed in class XII.
Important Notes :
1. Fees once deposited after admission is granted is non-refundable except caution money.
2. Mere submission of application form does not ensure admission.
3.Admission is strictly on the basis of merit.
4.The student should deposit the fee on the day of his admission otherwise his admission will be treated as cancelled.
5.A wrong or forged documents or wilful concealing of information may lead to expulsion of the student; and his name will be struck off from the school rolls automatically.
The school lays special emphasis on the maintenance of discipline and proper decorum in and outside the classroom.                 Students are expected to show proper respect to their teachers, be polite to one another and show courtesy to the employees of the school. Smoking is strictly prohibited on the school campus. No mobile phones are permitted in school premises. Students who violate the above rules shall be liable to punishment which may be in the form of a heavy fine, withdrawal of concessions and stipends and in extreme cases, expulsion from the school.
Leave  Rules  
Leave must be applied for in advance on the prescribed leave form available from the office. The maximum leave allowed to a student during the year is 15 days only. In case of serious illness, the leave application must be submitted along with the medical certificate. Leave shall be granted only by the  Principal.
Rules  for  Withdrawal
1. A student who wishes to leave the school must apply in writing to the Principal. The application must be countersigned by his parent/guardian. No student will be permitted to leave the School until he has cleared all the school dues.
2. A student has to pay the school fees and all other dues till the time his name is formally withdrawn.
3. No student shall be issued the transfer certificate until he/she  has cleared all the school dues.
School provides guidance and counseling to assist individuals in self evaluation and attainment of their maximum potential. School also provides guidance to students who fall prey to the stress and strains of academic burden.

Students are admitted to this school on the basis of merit. The school reserves the right to refuse admission to any student without assigning any reason. Students securing less than 7 CGPA will not be considered for admission. Application for admission to the school must be made on the prescribed form appended to the prospectus.
The following documents should be attached to the application form for admission.
1. Attested copies of Board or University Certificates showing the date of birth and details of previous examination passed and detailed marks certificate. (Original detailed marks certificate issued by the Board should be produced at the time of interview).
2. An attested copy of the school leaving certificate/certificate of good conduct from the Head of the Institution last attended. Original school leaving-cum-character certificate must be submitted at the time of admission.
3. Three copies of recent passport size photograph.
4. A declaration showing that he has not been disqualified by any Board/University.
CBSE  rules  for  admission  and  migration
1.  A students who has passed class X examination from a recognized board will be admitted to class XI. A student who has passed class XI from CBSE affiliated school shall be admitted to class XII.                
2.  Admission in class XI in Medical/Non-medical and Commerce stream shall be made on the basis of performance of the student in pre-boards of the school they have attended and shall be provisional. The students are required to submit the report card of the pre-board examinations duly signed by the Principal of the School.
3. Admission in class XII shall be made on the basis of merit. The students are required to submit their report card of class XI duly signed by the principal of the school they have attended.
4. A student transferred from one institution affiliated to the Board to another such institution may be admitted during any time of the year depending on the availability of the seat, but no such migration will be allowed after his name has been sent up for the examination of the Board.
5. If a student seeks transfer to an affiliated institution  from a non-affiliated one,  he will submit transfer certificate of the previous school countersigned by an officer not below the rank of District Inspector of Schools or the Education Department of the State/Union Territory. He will not be admitted without such a certificate duly countersigned by an appropriate authority.
6. No student, who is studying in a school neither recognized by the Board nor preparing students for an examination recognized by the Board will be admitted to class XI or XII, without getting approval of the Board.