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With the aim of raising awareness on wetlands and migratory birds, KBDAV-7, Chandigarh organised an educational trip for the students of Class VI at Regulatory End of Sukhna Lake in association with Department of Forest and Wildlife, Chandigarh Administration and Yuvsatta Organisation. To bring youngsters more closer to nature, Mr.Kulbhushan Kanwar, an Environmentalist explained to the students about migratory birds visiting from far off places like Himalayas, Siberia and China. As Sukhna Lake is an excellent wetland habitat for the avian and aquatic birds, the day was marked with Shram Dhan. Students saw many beautiful birds including Rudy Shelduck, Winged Stilts, Egrets, Eurasian Coot, Common Teal, Common Pochards, Purple and Grey Herons etc.

Children learnt to appreciate diversity and team spirit as migratory birds come in various varieties, unimaginable colours, habits, nesting patterns etc. Children were sensitised about the role of birds –as they provide critical links in food chain and food webs that exists in nature.  Rohan, a class VI student remaked “I didn’t know that birds use a magnetic map to travel long distances”. It was a spectacular bird watching day cum an experiential learning activity.




“Blood can circulate forever, if you keep donating it.” An overwhelming response was seen by the donors that included the Parents, Teachers and Class IV Employees and the community people who came forward for this noble cause to the Blood Donation Camp organized by KB DAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector 7-B, Chandigarh on 7th December 2019 (Saturday) between 9.00 am and 2.00 pm. The Blood Donation Camp was successfully organized in association with the team from "Blood Bank, PGI" Chandigarh and the staff of KBDAV-7, Chandigarh, sponsored by HDFC Bank who wholeheartedly came forward for the noble cause.

Parents voluntarily donated in large numbers and the school registered 157 parents for the noble cause. Both Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff donated Blood for the noble deed. The Class IV Employees Drivers, Peons, Conductors, Sweepers, Aayas of the school made an honest attempt to be the active donors and came forward self-motivated to save lives of others. 99 units of Blood were collected successfully.

The NSS Volunteers of NSS Unit and staff of KBDAV-7 actively participated for the success of the camp. Putting their heart and soul into it, every staff member of KBDAV-7, Chandigarh took it as a mission to be accomplished.

The Blood Donation Camp was inaugurated by the able hands of the Secretary, DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi, Shri Ravinder Talwar who visited the venue and encouraged the parents, teachers and class IV employees engaged in this Endeavour to help the society.

Chief Guest Shri Ravinder Talwar said, “Every Blood Donor is a life saver and the school is doing a wonderful job by holding Blood Donation Camp twice a year.”

Principal Mrs. Pooja Prakash said, “It is our commitment towards the society that School holds Blood Donation Camp regularly every year.” She thanked the parents and appreciated their noble gesture to donate blood by being the role model for their children and society. She says “Community connect has motivated the donors to come forward to the Blood Donation Camp.”



“Put your phone down”

an assembly by kg learners at KB DAV-7, chd

As mobile phones have invaded into our lives, so to generate awareness about the boons and banes of mobile phones, an Assembly was organised by Class K.G. The Assembly started with the enactment of scenes that showed the boon and bane of the usage of mobile phones. The students spoke about different uses of mobile phones such as internet, voice or video chat, documentation etc.

Through their scintillating dance performance, the young learners portrayed the health problems, which may arise due to unmindful use of mobile phones, thereby, giving a message to limit our phone usage. The Assembly concluded with a word of appreciation by the Principal, Mrs.Pooja Prakash, who congratulated the students and the teachers for making the assembly so informative and effective.



JAPNEET KAUR OF CLASS VIII BRINGS prestigious moment for kbdav-7

Ms. Japneet Kaur of Class VIII, has brought laurels to her School by being selected amongst the top participants from Chandigarh in the Space Quiz-2019, conducted by ISRO. Now, the Organisation, has invited the learner, who is very fond of books,  to witness the launch of a satellite, live at the ISRO facility in Sriharikota.  A total of 104 students had participated in the online quiz on “Chandrayan”




KB DAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector 7-B, Chandigarh organized Shrimad Bhagwad Gita Inter DAV Shalok Recitation Competition in collaboration with Gita Prachar Samiti, Panchkula. 220 students from DAV Institutions of Tri-city, Derabassi and Surajpur participated in Shalok Recitation Junior and Senior categories and Poster-making on the theme “Gita Ka Updesh”.


The event was graced by former Chairman, Prof. (Mrs.) Santosh Sharma, Department of Hindi, Panjab University, Sector 14, Chandigarh. Lauding the efforts of the students, teachers and the Gita Prachar Samiti, the Chief Guest stressed on the need for questioning spirit and called for the students to move from being complacent towards playing a more dynamic role. She asked for everyone to uphold truth at all times, for us on doing good actions for these are of foremost importance.


Principal Pooja Prakash said “Gita is one of the most powerful expressions of life, in which the deep relationships between the mentor and his disciple comes forth, with the teachings of Lord Krishna finding relevance in today’s life”.


The Winners of the Gita Shalok Competition were:-


Junior Category

1st prize

Aryan Kashyap

KB DAV Sr. Secondary Public School, Chandigarh

2nd prize

Vaibhavi B

KB DAV Sr. Secondary Public School, Chandigarh

3rd prize

Aastha Gupta

Hans Raj DAV Public School, Panchkula


Senior Category

1st prize


KB DAV Sr. Secondary Public School  Chandigarh

2nd prize


KB DAV Sr. Secondary Public School , Chandigarh

3rd prize


DAV Public School, Surajpur


Poster-making Competition (Junior Category)

1st prize


DAV Public School, Sector 8, Chandigarh

Consolation Prize


DAV Public School, Sector 8, Chandigarh




Poster-making (Senior Category)

1st Prize

Aman Pathak

DAV Model School, Sector 15, Chandigarh

2nd Prize

Manushree Dogra

KB DAV Sr. Secondary Public School, Chandigarh

3rd Prize

Kajal Sharma

DAV Public School, Surajpur

The winners received Cash Prize, Trophy, copy of Shrimad Bhagwad Gita and Certificates. All the participants were given Mementoes, Cash Prize and copy of Shrimad Bhagwad Gita.



A truck load of 2000 new woolens & jackets for children’s in Kashmir valley and 1500 Greeting Cards for Soldiers contributed by 25 prominent tricity Schools sent from Chandigarh

Chandigarh, November 13: Today, in an effort to show their love & friendship for children’s in Kashmir, School students from many prominent Schools of the tricity sent over 2000 new woolens and jackets for them along with thank you greeting cards for army soldiers stationed in Kashmir valley. The programme was organized by Yuvsatta-an NGO, CREST and Peace club of KB DAV Sr. Sec. Public School, with support of tricity Schools at the KB DAV-7 School campus.

Prominent amongt those who participated included Shri Debendra Dalai, IFS, Chief Conservator of Forests,  Director, Department of Environment, Science & Technology and CEO, CREST at Chandigarh Administration, Mr. Mahavir Singh, Additional District & Sessions Judge, Member Secretary, State Legal Services Authority, U.T., Prof. Devi Sirohi, Former Chairperson, Chandigarh Commission for Protection of Child Rights-CCPCR, Major Abhishek Rathi representing Northern Command of Indian Army, Prof. Monica Munjial Singh, Member, CCPCR & Chairperson, Centre For Social Work, Panjab University, Shri TK Razdan, Principal, Chandigarh Institute of Hotel Management,  Prof. Dazy Zarabi, Chairperson, Centre for Community Education and Disability Studies, Panjab University, Chandigarh, Mrs. Monica Chawla, Principal, St. Joseph’s Sr. Sec. School, Sector 44D, Mr. Chanchal Singh, Advisor, CCPCR and Pramod Sharma, coordinator, Yuvsatta-NGO.

In her welcome address Mrs. Pooja Prakash, Principal of KB DAV-7 shared that now from last seven years the Peace Club of their School is collaborating with NGO-Yuvsatta in this noble endeavour promoting patriotism and national unity with gifts of new woolens for children’s in Kashmir valley and greenting cards for Soliders positioned there. Such initiative do inculcate the concept of ‘love for all and hatred for none’ among young minds.

Mr. Hira Lal Yadav from Mumbai, an internationally acclaimed youth motivator who specially move with cycle as his company carrying Rakhis & letters for soldiers posted in distant terrains appreciating the gesture of spending of thank you cards to army soldiers posted in border areas said that people outgrew the "mass sympathy" once the conflict such as the Kargil war or Mumbai terror attack was over. Displaying last letters of martyrs and citing numerous instances of acts of heroism, he asked students to stand up for the nation's soldiers.

The Chief Guest Mr. Debendra Dalai appreciating the role of partner Schools in highlighting the cause of national integration by participation of young students in such initiatives, recommended a dire need to insulate the country and young minds with feelings of patriotism and love for the country. He also mentioned that Unity of all Indians at all times is the most important thing we all have to work for.  As the real strength of nation lies in being united. A country is strong only when its citizens are united, like a family is strong whose members stay together.

As this programme was supported by CREST Chandigarh Renewal Energy and Science & Technology Promotion Society, so Mr. Dalai added that ‘Go Solar & Save Polar’ is the new age mantra of 21st century to curb climate change. And while Chandigarh has to achieve a target of generating 69 MW in solar power generation by 2022, but in a short space of 4-5 years Chandigarh in now producing around 30 MW from solar panels installed in both residential and government buildings. He also said that as Smart City is can only become smart, when its residents act smart. And he expressed his full confidence among Chandigarhian’s that they will rise to the challenge to go solar by adopting green power.

Besides KB DAV-7, prominent other Schools which partnered in this initiative included Delhi Public School, Chandigarh, Bhavan Vidyalaya, Chandigarh, AKSIPS-41 Smart School, Sacred Heart Sr. Sec. School, Chandigarh, CL Aggarwal DAV Model School, IS Dev Samaj Sr. Sec. School, Strawberry Fields High School, Carmel Convent School, Madrasa Eizahal-Uloom Mujahidi, Manimajra, The British School, Chandigarh, St. Jospeh’s Sr. Sec. School, Sector 44D, Satluj Public School, Panchkula, Gurukul Global School, Manimara, Alliance International School, Banur, Punjab, DAV Police Public School, Panchukula, St. John’s High School, IS Dev Samaj Sr. Sec. School, Col. VR Mohan DAV Public School, Derrabassi etc.

In his vote of thanks Pramod Sharma, Coordinator, Yuvsatta expressed his gratitude to all partner Schools for regular support of past seven years to this ‘1 India Campaign’ of inculcating seeds of peace building, patriotism, national unity and integration among young minds.  He also said that this child to child gifts of new woolens with friendship cards surely sow seeds of love and friendship and at the same time prepares a new generation with creative minds and caring hearts.

Today in total of over 2000 new woolens/jackets with friendship cards and over 1500 Thank You/Greeting cards for soldiers were dispatched with help of Indian Army in an Army truck flagged off by Mr. Debendra Dalai, IFS from KB DAV-7.




Under the program of Vigilance Awareness Week, KB DAV-7, Chandigarh takes an Integrity Pledge against corruption. They committed their responsibility to lead by example and the need to put in Code of Ethics. Teachers along with students took the pledge to create awareness against corruption and sensitize the learners. A role-play “Jaag Utha Insaan” was presented by the students of Class X.



Diwali Celebration with full fervour at KBDAV-7, Chandigarh

To emphasize on a grand celebration of an Eco-friendly Diwali, Young learners of Class II of KBDAV-7 conducted a scintillating Morning Assembly based on divine theme-Diwali. The learners came attired in the traditional dresses as Lord Rama, Laxman, Sita and Hanuman. The programme started with devotional bhajan followed by poems and thoughts. The young learners kept the tradition alive by depicting Ramayan Scene. A dance on melodious song “Deepawali Aayi Re” was presented by learners. The programme was concluded with a pledge to avoid crackers and save mother earth. After this “Raj Tilak” of Lord Rama was done by Principal Mrs. Pooja Prakash.

To add to fervour, Class III to VII children depicted “Rajya Abhishek” of Lord Rama in Ayodhya after his 14 years of exile. The students dressed up as various characters of Epic Ramayana, added a religious flavour to the ceremony. The “Tableau” of Lord Rama, Lakshman, Sita went from class to class in whole campus and it was a treat to watch them.

In the end Principal, Mrs. Pooja Prakash applauded the hard work and efforts of young learners and teachers.




To enhance the festive spirit and to create awareness and eradicate the evils prevailing in our Society, a plethora of activities were conducted in the School premises on 24th October 2019.

Honourable Mr. Sandeep Joshi, a famous and renowned Cartoonist from “The Tribune” was the Chief Guest on the occasion. He judged the various competitions and declared the winners.

Diwali Celebrations were mingled with the event “Confluence of Creative Art & Experiential Learning” in which five Schools namely Govt. Model High School, Sector 49-D, Chandigarh, Govt. Model High School-II, Dhanas, Govt. Model High School, Pocket 8, Manimajra,  Stepping Stones School, Sector 37-D, Chandigarh and the host School participated. The competitions conducted under this event were – Swatch Bharat Ki Hari Bhari Rangoli, Mehndi Competition on “ Swachh Bharat ki Swasth Diwali” and poster making on Anti Crackers and Eco-friendly Diwali. These competitions were held to inculcate among the students an interest in the traditional customs of India. Students of Classes 8th and 9th took their imagination and creativity to unmatched levels in the closely contested competitions.

The students of Class 9th participated in cooking competition “Nutritious Diwali”. It was conducted with a view to create awareness about the nutritional value of food. The participants created very interesting dishes and presented them in an artistic way. Principal, Mrs. Pooja Prakash appreciated the efforts of the participants and the creative display which showcased the versatility of the young chefs.

Class X students took an initiative to create awareness among the students through “Nukkad Natak” and a Rally to boycott the bursting of crackers and celebrate eco-friendly, healthy, calorie free and safe Diwali. The rally was flagged off by the Chief Guest, Sh. Sandeep Joshi and the Principal, Mrs. Pooja Prakash after the Oath taking ceremony. The students went from class to class propagating the inspirational message in efficacious manner.

Winners of the competitions :-

Mehndi Competition

1.    Sangita, Prachi (IX Class)                               Govt Model High School, Manimajra

2.    Shweta & Kiran (IX Class)                              Govt. Model High School-II, Dhanas

3.    Jeevika Sharma & Mehak (VIII Class)            Stepping Stones School, Chandigarh

Rangoli Competition

1.    Suhana & Prabhdeep Kaur (X Class)             Stepping Stones School, Chandigarh

2.    Pooja & Rajni (IX Class)                                 Govt. Model High School-II, Dhanas

3.    Aarushi & Agriya (VIII Class)                          KBDAV Senior Secondary Public School

Poster Making Compeition

1.    Manushree Dogra (X Class)                           KBDAV Senior Secondary Public School

2.    Manjog Sroay (X Class)                                  KBDAV Senior Secondary Public School

3.    Kajal (VIII Class)                                             Govt. Model High School, Sector 49    



‘PLASTIC IS DRASTIC’ Slogans raised by students of KBDAV-7 IN A RALLY

Class X students of KB DAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector 7 took out a rally to create awareness among people of the surrounding areas, regarding the use of plastic bags. To promote the use of paper bags, they distributed paper bags made by them in the School, among the vendors of the area. The students also requested the vendors to create awareness among their customers regarding the use of jute / cloth bags. They educated people about the hazards of using plastic and disposal problems associated with it. Students raised slogans like “Teen India – Green India”, “Kill the devil plastic” etc. Their efforts were well received by the people which motivated the students to put in their efforts for the cause. Market Associates of Sector 7-B also admired the enterprise of the children. Also, a pledge was taken by them along with the School children in which they promised to build a “Non-Toxic India” and turn Mahatma Gandhi’s dream of “Clean India” into reality.



“Menarche – A landmark in the growth and development of an adolescent Girl”

A session was conducted at KBDAV-7 for girl students of Class VI, to IX by Dr. Mamta from “Global Hunt Foundation’ to build the knowledge of girls on the subject of mensuration. The session took around one and half an hour. The session entails a comprehensive understanding on the What, Why and How of Menarche develop a biological understanding.

The lecture stood for before and post session knowledge assessment in which the students were asked to answer some question before and after the session. 


KBDAV-7 HOLDS PUNJABI POETRY & DECLAMATION ‘Nirogi Jeevan Ka Sahi Upchaar, Karo Plastic Ka Bahishkar’

In an effort to create awareness among students and discourage the use of plastic, KBDAV-7 organised “Punjabi Poetry Recitation” and “Declamation” competitions for Classes VIII to X. The theme of the competition was “No Use of Plastic”. Students came up with beautiful, self-composed poems, which were full of innovative ideas to counter the problem. They warned the masses of the threat posed by menace of plastic and pressed upon the dire need to take immediate steps. They suggested to promote the use of bio-degradable material like jute, paper and cloth bags. They highlighted the ill effects of the use of plastic like burning of plastic leads to emission of harmful gases, which affect our health adversely. They discussed how plastic is polluting water bodies. They also mentioned that the consumption of plastic by animals leads to chocking and suffocation to death in them. Information laced with creativity mesmerised the audience and they could realise their responsibility. Rajveer Singh, Aryan Sharma and Vivek Sharma secured the first three positions respectively for the Declamation Contest. For the poetry competition, Shivansh stood first, Tanvir Kaur and Gaganpreet stood second and Amanpreet was declared third.


 Experiential Learning through a visit to nobel prize exhibition

Tell Me & I Forget

Teach Me & I Remember

Involve Me & I Learn

KBDAV-7 organised a visit of Class X learners to Nobel Prize Media (Sweden) Exhibition at NABI, Sector 81, Mohali on 3rd October 2019. This Field Visit was in line with activities suggested by CBSE under Experiential Learning and PISA Capacity Building Plan. Learners opined that this Exhibition helped them to provide greater cognizance of wider impact of Scientific Discoveries and also provided insight into pros and cons of past discoveries in the present context. It also gives comparisons on various parameters like Ozone Depletion, Health Care, Crop Production etc.

In addition to this, NABI Representative also apprised the children about Bio-fortification and equipment used in bio-technological researches. In nutshell, it was a wonderful and enriching experience.




 KB DAV-7 gears up for fight against single use plastic on the call of Prime Minister to scrap single-use plastic by 2022. The Art Club of the School enthusiastically demonstrated and taught the skill of making paper bags to the learners of Class 9th, who prepared as many as 350 papers bags. Students pledged to create awareness and motivate their friends and people in their neighbourhood to use paper bags for gifting purpose, shopping and packaging and for daily use. The School believes that such initiatives shape up the young learners of today into the responsible citizens.

For now, 350 bags shall be handed out to the poor vendors in and around Sector 7, to promote use of paper bags.


Fancy Dress Competition with a Twist by Tiny Tots at KB DAV-7

Kindergarteners left an indelible imprint on the minds of the audience as they participated in the Fancy Dress competition with a Twist! The young learners of KB DAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector 7-B, Chandigarh were dressed as agents of Cleaning. Gandhi Ji,  whose famous line ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ was elucidated by Class KG dressed as a toothbrush, toothpaste, cleaning agents like Harpic, sanitisers like Dettol and Lifebuoy, comb, duster, garbage bin and broom to impress upon the utility of each, along with their need in our lives. Class Nursery sang a bhajan to commemorate Gandhi Jayanti.




KBDAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector. 7-B, Chandigarh today held a lecture for the NSS volunteers regarding the importance of the campaign SWACHHTA PAKHWADA. The NSS Programme Officer, Mr. Shekhar Juneja and Assistant Programme Officer, Ms. Nitu Vashisht talked to the learners of Class XII regarding the importance of maintaining personal hygiene and observing cleanliness around ourselves.

The learners were given details about the Swachhta Campaign initiated by Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi. They were asked questions regarding hygienic food and surroundings. The learners were told the benefits of staying neat and clean personally, and maintaining cleanliness in and around the School campus. At last, the learners took a pledge to carry the campaign ahead by spreading the message of Swachhta around them.




The School joins hands with Chandigarh Traffic Police to observe ‘Car Free Day’ on 23rd September 2019. More than 600 ‘Car Free Day’ Stickers were claimed by the students and staff members for actively participating in the drive and making it a success. The motive of this drive was to make people realize that life is possible without dependence on cars, side by side leading to good health and peer bonding.

The Principal, Mrs. Pooja Prakash took an appreciable initiative coming to the School by bicycle. The staff members and students pooled the cars, came to the School on foot and rode bicycles and the students used School transport so as to reduce the number of cars on the city roads.

Overall it was a great event, giving a message of good health through active life-style to the city residents



Keeping up with its resolve to maintain and promote cleanliness, KBDAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector 7 -B, Chandigarh today took a 'Swachhta Pledge'. The Pledge was administered by the NSS Officer, Mr. Shekhar Juneja to the whole School, including the volunteers, teachers and students of all the classes from Pre-Nursery to Class XII. 

In the Pledge, the School staff with its learners vowed to double their endeavour to maintain cleanliness in and around the School campus. The teachers and the students also pledged to visit all the nearby areas to create and spread awareness regarding clean surroundings. The School leaves no effort unattempted to promote the benefits of clean and neat atmosphere. The fight against unclean and unhealthy surroundings and the accruing health hazards is on!




As a befitting tribute to father of the Nation, Mahatama Gandhi Ji on his 150th Birth Anniversary, under Swachh Chandigarh Abhiyaan Kailash Bahl DAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector 7-B, Chandigarh Eco-Club Members of Class VI took part in the SHRAMDAAN on 18th September 2019 by helping Class IV employees (Malis) of the School in cleaning the lawn and planting Flower Saplings in the School Campus.  Eco-Club Members along with teachers held banners in their hands depicting-‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’, ‘Clean Campus is a safe Campus’, etc.

Principal Mrs.Pooja Prakash said that KBDAV-7, Chandigarh always likes to stay ahead in such social activities and joyfully join hands with Chandigarh Administration that leads to cleanliness of the Institution and City Beautiful.  



An Anti-Tobacco Workshop was conducted at KB DAV-7 on Wednesday, September 11, 2019, to create Awareness among the students on the ill effects of Tobacco and Smoking.  It was conducted by Dr. Ikreet Singh Bal, Associate Professor at Dr.Harvansh Singh Judge Institute of Dental Sciences and Hospital and his interns Dr. Gurmeet Kaur, an Alumna of the School and Dr. Malvika Negi.

Dr. Bal briefed the students about the ill effects of tobacco in smoking, inhaling and chewing as well as on the various health hazards relating to smoke like smoke from Chullah, e- cigarettes, hookah etc. He also spoke about the impact on passive smokers. The team of doctors warned the students about the addiction of tobacco and attended to their queries about the various aspects of the topic. In the highly interactive workshop, the team outlined the various risk factors associated with tobacco consumption and interacted with the students to get their views. The purpose of the interaction was to elucidate the young students about the menace of tobacco consumption and make them alert about the prevailing threat.



Love And Gratitude for the Teachers showered by Class I Students

Teachers’ Day was celebrated on Tuesday, the 3rd September 2019 by the students of Class I of KB DAV-7, Chandigarh.

The Program started with the prayer songs by paying homage to Dr. S. Radha Krishnan.  The young learners threw light on the life of Dr. Radha Krishnan.  The word Teacher was elaborated by defining each letter of it.  Students spoke quotes on Teachers and recited meaningful poems on the same.

The cherry on the cake was when a beautiful dance performance was given by Class I students on a melodious song “We love you teachers, we praise you teachers”.

The program was culminated by a “Thanks giving” speech by Class I students.  Principal Mrs.Pooja Prakash showered her blessings on the young learners.




The young learners of KBDAV-7, Chandigarh-Junior Wing from Class Pre-School to Class II celebrated “JANAMASHTMI’ with full zeal and enthusiasm.  The learners came attired in the traditional dresses as Radha, Krishna and Gopis.  A beautiful and decorated cradle with “Baby Krishna” was put up.  Learners enacted different stages of the life of “Lord Krishna”.  They also presented “Krishna Leela” which captivated everybody’s attention.  A dance on the melodious song “Radhe-Radhe” was presented by the learners.  The staff members and students offered prayers to “Lord Krishna” and ladoos and fruits as Prasad was distributed to all.  “Dandiya” was enjoyed by Madam Principal along with the staff members.

In the end, Principal, Mrs. Pooja Prakash appreciated the hard work and efforts of the students and teachers.





The Young Inquisitive and Innovative Learners of KB DAV-7, Chandigarh welcome their parents to an exciting World of ideas by bringing out an amalgam of the Scientific Temperament and Creativity in the Twin Exhibition (Science-cum-Art & Craft Exhibition) held at B. S. Bahl Multipurpose Hall on the theme “Conserve to Preserve”.  Dr. R. S. Khandpur, Former Director General, Pushpa Gujral Science City and Veteran of Education field, Mrs. Madhu Bahl, Founder Principal, were the leading Esteemed Guests.

Under the guidance of their teachers, the students from Class VII to Class XII made a stunning display of their projects and models based on various themes of Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Economics, ICT, Art & Craft.  The students displayed scientific temper and were at their best while explaining various concepts through various models based on 3-D Molecular Structure, Vacuum Cleaner,  Water Purifying Machine, Sewage Treatment Plan, Gesture Control Car to name a few.

The highlights of the Exhibition were the Models of Social Science like EVM Machine, Evaluation of Currency, Typhoon, Solar City along with mathematics projects covering aspects like Clinometer, Robotic Compass, Pascal Triangle, Square Root Spiral, Euclid’s Geometry and many more.

In the stream of Commerce, the focus was on forms of markets, ATM Digital Transaction, Personal Bank Saving Account.  The various components of Computer were displayed and Robots were the center of attraction.

Students did a Yeoman’s efforts to show their creativity and skills in the parallel Art & Craft Exhibition.  The students put up an interesting array of items as paper bags, clay, models, jute decorations, Halloween lamps.

Visiting the Exhibition, Dr. R. S. Khandpur appreciated the efforts of young minds and said “Organization of such events will not help in stimulating creativity and inventiveness among students but also generate their interest for these subjects”.

The parents were delighted by the displays and appreciated the overall efforts put in by the staff and the students.




KBDAV-7 echoed with the patriotic beats on the Independence Day Celebrations. The Hues of Tri-colour of National Flag spread over the entire school premises.

Students from Classes I to VII & XII along with Saral Ahsaas Class VII tuned up to the vibes of patriotism through the group songs and dance performances. The students dressed up in tricolour costumes raised the slogans, tapped and synchronized their feet to the patriotic songs and left the audience mesmerized.

Dance on Bhangra beats performed by tiny-tots of Class K.G. enthralled the audience. A dance choreographed by a Saral Ahsaas Class VII students indeed stole the show. Class I, II and III students danced enthusiastically on patriotic songs “Shubh Din Aayo Re, Mera Mulk Mera Desh and Hindustan Meri Jaan Hai”. Dance performed by Class V & VI girls dressed up as “Punjabi Mutiaars” and different states costumes performed on “Bharat Anokha Raag Hai and Jattian Da Desh Mera’ was indeed worth watching. Saluting the martyrs, another catchy number that heightened the excitement of the viewers was Class VII girls and boys performance - “Mein Ladd Jaana, Ladd Jaana”. The celebration ended with National Anthem sung by all.

Principal Mrs. Pooja Prakash graced the occasion with her auspicious presence and congratulated the participants who made the Independence Day celebration a success. 




KBDAVians Observe “Akshay Urja Diwas”

“Save Energy, Save the Planet” – Saving energy has become the need of the hour.  Re-iterating their commitment towards creating awareness about the renewable sources of energy, KBDAV-7 organized a Poster Making Competition on 10th August 2019 for the students of Class VIII.  Students participated with great fervor.  They apprised everyone about the importance of saving energy by showcasing their artistic flair in the form of Colourful Posters highlighting the message “If Not Now, When?”,  “If Not You, Who?”, “Save Energy” etc.  Principal, Mrs.Pooja Prakash applauded the students for their persistent efforts. 




As an activity of Swachhta Pakhwada, KBDAV-7 observed ‘Wash Your Hands’ Activity on its Campus today. The students of Classes VIII to XII had brought liquid soaps, paper soaps and sanitizers to wash their hands during recess before taking their food. They vowed to make it a habit to wash their hands with soaps every time they used the washroom or before they took their food. This would keep their hands bacteria-free, and they would remain immune to all infections that they might contract with dirty hands. The students learnt a lesson in personal hygiene, and were happy sharing their experience with their teachers.




KBDAV-7 gave a platform for its aspiring scientist to learn about the practical aspects of science. The school organized a science workshop for class VIII students from 26th July, 2019 to 30th July, 2019, where they explored and learned various new scientific concepts. The session started by educating the students about basic principles of LED, electric circuits, motor, register, conductors etc. Students were also acquainted with the idea of AC and DC.

The students were exuberant while making simple circuits in series and parallel combination of registers which was enriching and novel experience for them. The highlight of the session was when students put their acquired knowledge into practical use while making a fountain. They could make various patterns with water while controlling the flow of the water. It was an incredible experience for the students. The purpose of the workshop was to acquaint students with the fact that science, when put to practical use, makes life interesting.




“Kavya Ghosthi” was glorified with fervour in the premises of KB DAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector 7-B, Chandigarh, wherein the learners from Grade 3rd, 4th and 5th showcased their knack in a form of Poem Recitation.  Grade-III learners expressed their emotions on “Nature” and ”Birds”, whereas Grade IV learners recited poems on  “Angels” and showed their vivid belief in “Magic” and “Imagination”.  Grade V learners pitched on “Environmental Awareness” related poems to sensitize the learners about pollution and its repercussions on Nature.  The ambience was very “Pure” and “Seraphic”.  All participants had put their hearts on their sleeves to exhibit their love for nature and a strong message was sent to the learners about Environmental Issues.  The budding poet winners were announced and awarded for their efforts.  Principal of the School, Mrs. Pooja Prakash applauded the great efforts of staff and students to put up an excellent show wherein, the oratory skills of the students were enhanced.




As an endeavor to generate awareness on Water Conservation; KBDAV-7 held an Assembly on the theme “Cutting Pani”, as a part of “ Jal Andolan”, under “Jal Shakti Abhiyan”.

The Assembly started with a TV Talk Show “Good Morning India”, where the Anchors discussed the Water Crisis in Punjab with the delegates on the panel.  The issues like excessive usage of fertilizers, pesticides, exploitation of underground water, and water stress due to water intensive crops were addressed.

The Assembly also showcased a dance performance personifying ‘the Pain’ felt by water.  A rap song “Pani da Haal” on water scarcity not only left the audience spell bound, but also forced them to devise out the solution to the problem.

On the occasion, a pledge was taken, which was followed by Badge Decoration Ceremony.  Principal, Mrs. Pooja Prakash alongwith School Representatives from CBSE’s Hub of Learning decorated the Water Monitors with the badges and instructed them to keep a check on students to avoid water wastage.  She also motivated the audience to use water judiciously.  The Assembly also introduced the students to the recent initiative undertaken by UT Administration, namely ‘Say No to One-Use Plastic’ and  encouraged learners to use water bottles and avoid plastic bottles below 200 ml. 

The presence of the students from Guru Teg Bahadur Public School, Sector 15, Chandigarh; Govt. Model High School, Sector 49-D, Chandigarh; Govt. Model High School, RC-II, Dhanas, Chandigarh, alongwith their teachers was welcomed to be a beginning of Collaboration to Sensitize  Leaners towards important social issues.




As 600 Million people of India face the problem of high to extreme water stress and about 100 Million people are on the front line of a Nationwide Water Crisis.  Seeing this grim situation of India, Class VII students of KBDAV-7 came forward with unmatchable fanfare to spread Awareness on Water Crisis and Water Conservation on 17 July 2019, at the school premises. Ayana Ansari of Class VII-C said, "Water is a life, you must treat it right".

The talented students presented a mesmerizing Skit making the audience aware about the depleting condition of rivers in India and spreading the message of “SAVE WATER”. Informative Power Point Presentations, Speeches and videos were shown by the students highlighting the facts of Water Crisis, Causes, Effects and Remedies.

The best presentations were awarded prizes. The students in the audience shared their views on "Usage of water that must be optimized to ensure its availability for future generations". TARITA of VII-A said "If we bathe for 10 minutes in shower we waste 18 liters of water".  Agrim of Class VII-A showed his concern by sharing that  Total of 21 major cities are poised to run out of ground water by next year.    Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Naidu are some of the States in high water crisis

The function concluded with a pledge by teachers and students to save water and never waste it.



Brain Fever –Encephalitis Syndrome Awareness Campaign by Class 6 students at K.B. DAV-7 Chandigarh

Class VI KB DAV 7 Broadcasting News Team came forward to spread awareness about Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) or Brain Fever on 13th July 2019. The students showcased a live telecast play on Encephalitis or an illness locally known as ‘Chamki Bukhar’ that affects the central nervous system and has killed more than 170 children this year, 148 from Muzafarpur district only.

The event gave the students a platform to showcase their talent. They enacted as young Reporters, Doctors, Patients and very enthusiastically and creatively presented the widespread Chamki Bukhar through lively posters placards, face paintings, presentations and Interactive video. The zeal and enthusiasm of the students was worth appreciation.

The Principal Ms. Pooja Prakash lauded the efforts made by the staff and the students. The event ended in high spirits with a powerful pledge to take progressive step towards building healthier communities by spreading awareness and eradicating this dreadful disease from our flourishing and developing nation.



Malala Yousafzai is a youth icon who is the youngest advocate for Education.  She became the youngest person at an age of 17 to win the Nobel Peace Prize after surviving an assassination attempt by the Taliban.

Class XI celebrated ‘Malala Day’ through an enactment presenting her achievements and trials.  An ‘Interview with Malala’ gave the learners an opportunity to peep into her life, her struggles and her views about Education as a tool to empower girls in her country and worldwide.

Quiz on ‘Malala’s Life’ also kept the audience riveted.  Principal, Mrs. Pooja Prakash spoke about the urgent need to delve into and count our blessings, learn from the struggles of those less fortunate and be good human beings to bring a change in the World today.





To instill the importance of creativity in one’s lives, a Display Board Competition was held for the students of classes VIII-X in the premises of KBDAV-7 on varied themes. The objective of the competition was to provide a platform for the budding artists to bring out their latent creativity. The competition centered around the themes which were chosen according to the need of the hour.

The students of class VIII depicted that Water is an elixir and how it should be conserved . Class IX students sensitized everyone about Summer Diseases their symptoms and prevention. The students of class X showcased their creativity by displaying their ideas on Artificial V/S Emotional Intelligence. The participation of students was overwhelming. They gave vent to their imagination and aesthetic exploration creating magical expressions on the board. The Boards were judged by the Principal Mrs. Pooja Prakash. The classes VIII-B, IX-B and X-C clinched the First position respectively.  The competition was both a learning and also an enjoyable experience for the learners.




To sensitize the young learners about various natural disasters and to make them cautious about their impending dangers, an essay writing competition on the theme “Disaster Management” was organized in the portals of KBDAV-7 on 6 July, 2019 for classes IX-XII. The objective of the competition was to chisel the hidden creative potential of the students and also to apprise them about Disaster Management.

The topics around which the competition was centered were “Tourism one of the leading cause of disaster”, “Let’s wake up to the call of nature, It’s now or never”, “Be aware and Be prepared with respect to Disaster Management” and “Human beings should be accountable for environmental disasters.” The young minds put in their ardous efforts to express their thoughts. They enthusiastically participated to showcase their writing skills. The competition ended on a positive note as each child was enlightened by the information about Disaster Management



If the average temperature of Earth is soaring, it is because of the dwindling number of trees. Tree plantation, therefore, assumes a great importance the world over.

In observance of Van Mahotsava week, KBDAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector 7-B planted various saplings on its campus today, 5 July, 2019. Around 50 NSS volunteers brought the saplings of various varieties like Rajni Gandha, Lemon Grass, Amla, Tulsi and Sada Bahaar. The herbal garden in the school was the first place that received many herbal saplings. The Principal of the school, Mrs. Pooja Prakash took the lead and planted the first sapling.  Mr. Shekhar Juneja, NSS Programme Officer and the Co-ordinators of the School also planted saplings in the other gardens. 

The learners from KG celebrated the day with great zeal and enthusiasm, beating all odds from the sweltering weather. It was an ideal opportunity to instill the value of social responsibility among them towards safeguarding trees and wild life. The tiny tots came dressed in ‘green’. A few of them even spoke on the importance of ‘going green before green goes’. Rhymes based on Nature were also recited on the occasion. A model depicting the importance of saving the trees, and thereby Mother Earth was shown to the kids in their classroom. A craft activity on ‘Save Trees’ was also conducted in their class.



Under the aegis of DAV Centre for Excellence, New Delhi and with an able guidance of Cluster Head, Principal Mrs. Jaskiran Harika, a very Productive One-day Capacity Building Workshop for Primary and Secondary teachers of Hindi, Punjabi & Sanskrit was conducted at KB DAV Sr. Secondary Public School-7, Chandigarh on 28th June 2019 with an aim to equip them with Innovative teaching practices in teaching literature and languages.  Nearly 22 teachers of Hindi, Punjabi & Sanskrit from DAV Schools, Chandigarh attended the Training Session which began with a Lamp Lighting followed by DAV Gaan.

A highly informative session on the Importance of Hindi Grammar and Strengthening Writing skills and ‘Experiential Learning’ and framing Question Bank  for classes VIII, IX and X was conducted by  Dr. Lalita Puri and Mr. Sahib Singh from KB DAV-7, Chandigarh alongwith Ms. Rupa and Ms. Bhawna from DAV-15, Chandigarh.

Using power-point presentation and colorful art activities, another productive session to improve the Literature, Language and writing skills of Sanskrit subject amongst the students was conducted by Mrs. Suchitra from DAV-8, Chandigarh and Mr. Manju Singh from KBDAV-7, Chandigarh.

To enhance Punjabi language learning and realise the importance of Punjabi subject amongst the students, an interesting session using ICT Apps and Tools was conducted by Mrs. Ritu Gill from  KBDAV-7, Chandigarh.  The session gave an exposure to the teachers regarding the digital world and how to use it effectively in teaching.

On the whole, the workshop was effective and beneficial for the participants.  Finally, a Valedictory ceremony was held, wherein the Master Trainers and the Teacher Participants were felicitated by the Cluster Head, Principal Mrs. Jaskiran Harika, and the host Principal, Mrs. Pooja Prakash, as the Program Coordinator.





With an aim to equip the teachers of English with skills to use ICT Apps and tools, Integrated Art with English Language and incorporate Experiential Learning into their teaching, a very productive One-day Capacity Building Workshop for Primary and Secondary teachers was conducted at KB DAV Sr. Secondary Public School-7, Chandigarh on 27th June 2019, where nearly 20 teachers of English from DAV Schools, Chandigarh attended the Training Session under the aegis of DAV Centre for Excellence, New Delhi with an able guidance of Cluster Head, Principal  Mrs. Jaskiran Harika.  The training session began with a Lamp Lighting followed by DAV Gaan.

A highly informative session on the latest concept of the ‘Experiential Learning’ and ‘Question Bank’ was conducted by  Mrs.Beenu Malhotra from KB DAV-7, Chandigarh.  The theories of Learning Pyramid, Cognitive Learning & Behavioral Learning theory were explained thoroughly.

To improve the writing skills of students, another productive session was conducted by Mrs. Mamta Nagpal from DAV-8, Chandigarh.   

To enhance language learning, an interesting session was jointly conducted by Mrs. Rajni from DAV-15, Chandigarh and Mrs. Rachna from DAV-8, Chandigarh on the usage of ICT Apps and Tools to enhance language learning.  The session gave an exposure to the teachers to the digital world and how to use it effectively in teaching English language.

On the whole, the workshop was effective and beneficial for the participants.  Finally, a Valedictory ceremony was held, wherein the Master Trainers and the Teacher Participants were felicitated by Principal, Mrs. Jaskiran Harika, the Cluster Head and the host Principal, Mrs. Pooja Prakash, as the Program Coordinator.




‘Yoga is the most favourable method of connecting with Nature by balancing the mind-body connection.’ Conforming to the Common Yoga Protocol (CYP) developed by the Ministry of AYUSH, KBDAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector. 7 – B, Chandigarh observed the standardised Mass Yoga Demonstration drill during the 5th International Yoga Day celebrations on 21 June 2019, on its premises with around 100 participants including the NSS volunteers and members of the staff. The Yoga Session was conducted by a skilled Yoga Instructor, fondly called ‘Yoga Guru’, Mr. Anurag Arora, working at Panjab University Health Centre as Yoga Trainer. 

Yoga is well known for its postures and poses. The Yoga Session started at 7.00 a.m. with chanting of OM mantra and gayatri mantra, and observance of various Yoga poses and asanas. A systematic practice of different asanas like Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation), Dhanurasana (Bow Pose), Bhujangasana (Cobra pose), Kapalabhati, pranayama yoga and so many other effective yoga asanas was done. Patience is the key to doing Yoga, quipped the Yoga instructor who termed these asanas as precautionary measures to cure many diseases. He also performed Neck Bending (Grivā Śakti Vikāsaka), Shoulder's movement, Trunk Movement (Kati Śakti Vikāsaka), Knee Movement, and insisted that these yoga asanas help in reducing our weight as well as our belly fat. “Losing weight is not hard, but we have to keep in mind that only controlling eating habits is not enough to lose weight”. 

The entire ‘Yogabhyas’ lasted for an hour and ended at 8 a.m. with a promise by all the participants that they will continue to practise Yoga for keeping their body and mind healthy and stress free. The session concluded with an inspirational message from the Principal Mrs. Pooja Prakash that practice of certain yoga asanas daily is the holistic approach to health and well-being. ‘Yoga ensures the union of individual consciousness with that of universal consciousness, a perfect harmony between mind and body, man and Nature’, she said. 

After the Yoga Session, healthy refreshment was served to all the participants.




The KBDAV-7, Chandigarh Disaster Management Team along with the executives from the Fire Department organized a “Mock Drill” for 2872 school students on 7th May 2019 (Tuesday), who successfully executed the Evacuation Route Plan and finished the Mock Drill in just 4 minutes and 58 seconds.

 An informative session on live display of Fire Extinguishers was a great fun for the students. All students were sensitized about the fire extinguishing tips,.

 Such Mock Drills are the annual feature of the school and Evacuation Plan Drawings are displayed on the Notice Boards of the School at all strategic points.




May 1 is celebrated as Labour Day across the country. KBDAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector. 7 - B, Chandigarh celebrated Labour Day on its campus today, to acknowledge and appreciate the services provided by Class IV employees. The students of Class XI had made Placards and Greeting Cards that they gave out to the Maids, Gatekeepers, Maalis, Bus Drivers and Conductors. They thanked them all for their selfless service they have been providing on the campus each day, tirelessly.

The recognition of the services of the Class IV employees brought smiles on their faces, who were surprised and overwhelmed at the gesture of the staff and the students for them. The cards carried the messages of thanks for all the supporting staff as without their services, No institution can successfully function any day.


Date: 29.04.2019


KB DAV-7, Chandigarh witnesses its ‘Fifth Investiture Ceremony’ today investing in its students the responsibilities of Office Bearers for the session 2019-20.  It was a day dipped in a sense of pride, humility and leadership.  The newly appointed School Senate – Head Boy, Head Girl, the Captains, the Vice-Captains and the Prefects of the Four Houses namely Jasmine, Lotus, Rose and Tulip were decorated with the badges by  Honourable Principal, Mrs. Pooja Prakash.  The stakeholders expressed their vision and took an oath to uphold and respect the school values and ideology and become positive Role Models for their peers and juniors.  The occasion was graced by the presence of Ex-Senate members of session 2018-19, who handed over the flags to the newly appointed Office Bearers.  The worthy Principal expressed her faith in the power of ‘Service before Self’.  She commended the efforts of Ex-Senate members, who have been upholding high the values of their Alma-Mater.  She guided the young Torch Bearers of the school to work in harmony and craft a productive synergy by not just creating the change but by being the change.

On the occasion, the young learners from classes VIII to XII, who have excelled in literary skills and have a flair for language were also awarded with British Council Membership Cards.


Date: 22.04.2019

‘let mother earth breathe’ – EARTH DAY celebration at kbdav-7, Chandigarh

As Responsible Citizens of this planet, KBDAV-7, Chandigarh students came forward with spate of activities to Save their Mother Earth to celebrate Earth Day on 22nd April 2019.

April Month” also known as “Earth Month” was celebrated with full fervour to sensitize the learners towards environmental concerns.

To mark the occasion, an eye-opener skit ‘Dharti Tab or Ab’ was presented by School Theatre Group Students from Class VII. The skit highlighted the major concern of deplorable state of our mother planet. We, the citizens of this planet must take urgent preventive measures if we want our future generations not to suffer. Classes VI and VII made colourful posters to show their concern.

The students of Class III depicted their concern towards Mother Earth by making fascinating models of Earth & Face masks. Children painted their faces likes animals. Class IV learners enthusiastically prepared colourful Jute Bags pledging their efforts for the conservation of water. The learners from Class V made Eco-friendly Jewellery, made of Macroni, Vegetables. Waste Paper etc. 

Class X students participated in a ‘Quiz Competition’ on the themes Indian Heritage, Earth Day that included various interesting rounds as ‘Quizzical Karma’, ‘Double Trouble’, ‘Hidden Treasure’ & ‘Rapid Fire’. A PowerPoint Presentation Competition was held for the students of Class IX on the topic ‘Carbon Footprints’. The participants not only shared their views about the deteriorating condition of the Earth but also suggested the ways to protect it. Class VIII students organized a “Green Walk” with placards in their hands exhibiting slogans, “Be Fair, Do Not Pollute Air”.

The students of XI and XII who well understand the gravity of the issue drew wonderful posters on the vulnerability of the only planet in the Universe that holds the capacity to sustain life. But this capacity has its limits. Man has to understand this, before it gets too late. Each poster drawn was shouting out this urgency, sensitizing man to the need of the hour, leaving behind the message of ‘GREENER EARTH, SAFER LIFE'.

The students from all Classes made a sincere and dedicated efforts to remain dutiful & show respect towards Nature. A pledge to Conserve Water and Save Mother Earth was taken by the teachers and students.  


Date: 18.04.2019


The School Cyber Congress Club took the initiative to sensitize its learners not only be ‘familiar’ and ‘updated’ with latest technology, but also to be ‘aware’ and ‘alert’ about its correct usage through a Special Assembly and a plethora of activities being conducted for the learners from Class 4 to Class 12.

A worthwhile enactment on ‘Cyber Crime’ was presented by the students of classes 8, 9 and 10. It touched the sensitive issues of excessive gaming, hacking of bank account and facebook account, risks involved in e-banking, which compelled the audience to analyse whether they are not over-obsessed with it.

Interactive sessions for class 4 to 12  based on short videos, slogan writing, PPT, quiz, creating a blog, poster making on E-Waste alongwith a special session for teachers on Cyber CrimeCell on the theme”If you suspect Deceit, Hit Delete’ was conducted by class 12 students.

Principal Mrs.Pooja Prakash applauded the efforts of Cyber Congress Club- Teacher members and student members.  She expressed her keen faith in the members of Cyber Congress Club to create awareness of computers amongst students and keep on updating them from time to time about the threats of overusing social media and hacking.  New members of the club were introduced and decorated with badges.

The winners of various activities were honoured with the prizes and certificates of participation.


Date : 12.04.2019

Morning Assembly on Baisakhi by Class I & II students at KBDAV-7

On the eve of Baisakhi, the young learners of Class I and II conducted special morning assembly on the forthcoming event. Baisakhi, the harvest festival of Punjab was celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm in the premises of KBDAV-7 on 12th April 2019. The young learners came dressed in Traditional Punjabi colourful outfits with ornaments and accessories. The purpose was to make the students aware about the significance of the festival. The assembly began with “EkOmkar” prayer followed by melodious poetry and significant messages like ‘one should shed their arrogance during this pious hour’ and ‘our hard work and toil shoulder bear fruits just like the farmers enjoy their harvest’. The young learners danced on foot tapping Punjabi number where in all staff members joined and enjoyed the event.





More than 60 learners from Classes IX & X attended an interactive session with hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji. This was a unique interactive session in which the students, parents and teachers from India and across the globe interacted with the Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji, over the children related issues. Through this session, the Prime Minister conveyed to the young aspirants that we should celebrate the festival of exams and exams should be considered as ‘Exam of Class and not Exam of Life’. He also extended his thanks to media and advanced technology to enable him to reach 12 crore viewers this year compared to 7 crore last year and making this campaign a huge success.



The young learners as well as parents and teachers raised their queries about how to reduce examination stress, how to gain confidence, what are stress busters, time management, technique for reducing the stress – to name a few. He conveyed the students that every individual has latent energy which lies unknown and suggested them to realize it and to connect with life. His sincere advise to the parents & the teachers was to appreciate the students in public and criticize the students in private. He also asked the parents and teachers to support the learners in the hour of need and keep them motivated without putting too much restrictions on them, not having unrealistic expectations and making them understand that exams are a part of life.

He concluded the seminar at a positive note for the students and advising them to ‘Be your own anchor and celebrate your strength’.




Yashraj of Class VI is a wonder kid whose accomplishment has made the school beam with pride. Yashraj was among 4000 students who participated in a National Level Exam (Digital Mode Test) – Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan conducted by Vigyan Prasar on 25 November 2018 in the respective schools.



Nine students from KBDAV-7 – Yashraj, Rishab Rai (Class VI), Vishal, Prabhnoor, Dhruv Saini, Naman, Ekampreet (Class VII), Prateek Garg, Prashant (Class X) were among 125 students who qualified to appear for State Level Camp held in Chemistry Department, Panjab University, Chandigarh on 6 December 2018. The students were adjudged on the basis of Pen-Paper Test, Audio-Visual Test, Practical Laboratory Test. 18 students were shortlisted for their remarkable performance and Yashraj was amongst them. He was awarded with Prize money, a Memento and a Certificate. The students participated in VVM have been a source of inspiration for the young aspirants who have keen interest in the field of Sciences.



Famously known as the ‘Google Girl’, Lady luck smiled on Kindergarten Vaishnavi Gupta of KB DAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector 7-B, Chandigarh, when she was invited to meet His Excellency Shri Manohar Lal Khattar, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Haryana on 4th January 2019 at the Chief Minister’s residence for her extraordinatry capability of memorizing names of world capitals and many more. She has also had a rare honour of featuring on his personal Facebook page, where he has lauded her strengths and written that “Over the centuries the whole world has always saluted the remarkable intellect of Indian daughters. Vaishnavi Gupta, a Proud Indian Daughter will be a source of inspiration for others.” She was honored with flowers and a gift.

She has already been interviewed by 13 TV channels including News 18 India, News 18 Punjab, News 18 Haryana, News 18 Himachal and Zee News. Vaishnavi’s video showcasing her special abilities has already received 16 Lac views on You Tube. She wants to grow up into being an IAS officer and serve the nation.




KB DAV Senior Secondary School, Sector 7-B, Chandigarh held its first ever Alumni Meet on January 5, 2019 on its campus, inviting students from Batches 2007 to 2011. The Meet drew huge crowd as around 85 alumni came back to their alma mater, despite their busy schedules. Mrs. Madhu Bahl, Founder Principal was the Chief Guest on the occasion. The function started with Jyoti Prajwalan by the dignitaries, and mantra uchchaaran by Dhruv Goyal of Class XI of the present batch. The students of classes V, VI, VII sang the welcome song. Principal, Mrs. Pooja Prakash welcomed the guests in her address. Class XII students presented Bhangra which was liked by all. This was followed by the REMINISCENES, in which Founder Principal, Mrs. Madhu Bahl went nostalgic by recalling the years spent with the batches in attendance. Next to this were the speeches of Priyanka Luthra, Mohit Aggarwal, Kriti, Ravinder, Shonit, Yogesh, Bhamini, Abdul and Dr. Gurkirat Singh, alumni from different batches who credited and thanked their alma mater for the success they have achieved today.

The next segment was BACK TO CLASS ROOM in which different games like I SEE, I RECALL ,GUESS THE TEACHER, KARAOKE and MUSICAL CHAIR were played with the alumni. The winners for the games were: Dr. Gurkirat Singh, Aastha Tuli, Aseem Bhardwaj, Navneet Kaur and Siddharth Sharma. A group photograph was finally clicked before everybody had the lunch.