Saral Ahsaas

Prinicipal Madhu Bahl received State Commendation Award and State Honour on Republic Day for the best social movement programme run by her for under-privileged children under the banner “Saral Ahsaas”.

Prinicipal Madhu Bahl received Coveted National Award in Social Movement Programme on Education at the august hands of Mr. Ashok Ganguly, Former Chairman, CBSE,
New Delhi

Principal Madhu Bahl was awarded the coveted National Award for being the Best Principal in Social Movement Programme on Education at Indian Education Congress Session 2011. The award ceremony was organized by Franchise India in Collaboration with several Prestigious Educational Organizations on 22nd April 2011 (Friday) at Hotel Callridges, Suraj Kund, Delhi.
This prestigious award is an initiative under the Vision Education 2020. She received this award at the august hands of Mr. Ashok Ganguly, Former Chairman, CBSE, New Delhi and Prof. Pillai, Former Chairman, UGC & Vice-Chancellor & Chairman, Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi.

The Award consisted of a Shawl, Momento, a citation and a Certificate of Honour for the best social movement programme
run by her for under-privileged children under the banner “Saral Ahsaas”.

Prinicipal Madhu Bahl received State Commendation Award and State Honour on Republic Day for the best social movement programme run by her for under-privileged children under the banner “Saral Ahsaas” by the Chandigarh Administration in 2009 for Charitable , social Services and community services


Amongst the cheers and overwhelming response of the exuberant parents, “Saral Ahsaas” celebrated its Annual Day cum Prize Distribution Function on 18th May 2014 in Tagore Theatre, Sector 18, Chandigarh.

“Saral Ahsaas” students exhibited their remarkable talent through cultural items and set the stage on fire.They were honoured for their academic excellence and active participation in co-scholastic activities. Principal Madhu Bahl felt proud that her dream project SARAL AHSAAS has taken a swift flight for the Function was showcased academic achievements of the students in academics as well as in co-scholastic fields.


The Distinguished Chief Guest who graced the occasion were Shri Rajinder Nath Ji, Vice President, DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi and Dr. R.S. Khandpur, Director General, Pushpa Gujral Science City,Kapurthala. Hon’ble Guests from the Chandigarh Administration and CBSE, Panchkula were present on the occasion.

With melodious and soulful echo of mantra uchharran in the hall, the function started with lighting of lamp at the hands of Chief Guest Shri Rajinder Nath Ji followed by powerful “Durga Stuti” dance by the children.

Principal Madhu Bahl highlighted the Annual Academic Report of the “Saral Ahsaas students” studying from Class I level to VIII. Principal expressed pride that students from the economically weaker backgrounds are competing at par with rest of the school with same curriculum and active participation in various activities throughout the year.

In Prize Distribution ceremony, the Chief Guest of the day, Shri Rajinder Nath Ji honoured the students for their academic excellence, sports and co-scholastic activities.

Just as the Rainbow has seven colours, its varied colours were reflected on the faces of students, dancing rhythmically and expressing emotions in different styles from prayer “Suraj Ki Baho Mei” to “Punjabi Peppy Folk”, from Rajasthani “Mauj Ki Malhar” to “London Thumkada”.

Toddlers of Class I & II won the hearts of the audience singing, “Bacchon Ke Loge Jaan Kya”.

The Chief Guest, Shri Rajinder Nath Ji commended the efforts of the students, Staff and Principal for bringing Saral Ahsaas students at par with the other students and bringing out their dormant talent, to the best of their ability.

A red letter day in KB DAV- 7 history- 6 September 2005

Bapu Dham Colony has had its own share of social needs, with parents having no concept of education and children being first generation of learners. After decades of virtually no access to Education, 40 children from Bapu Dham colony got a chance at regular school system. The successful adoption of 40 Ahsaas children was described as a ‘Red Letter Day’ by a leading daily, when on 6th September 2005, Principal Madhu Bahl initiated the first step by this generous humanitarian act. To ensure that the staff and teachers were equipped to handle this towering responsibility, the school began renovations in preparation for the official start of the classes.
The school gave itself a ‘Reality Check’ wherein an endeavour was made of not ignoring the limitations imposed by the realities of our system but earnest attempts were made to achieve 100% school enrolment and retention, providing a conducive learning environment and equipping the Ahsaas Children with skills and attitude which characterize an individual.


Action for Change - 22 February 2008

Ahsaas renamed Saral Ahsaas- 22nd February 2008 ‘Saral Ahsaas’ named after the Late Smt. Sarla Chopra Ji, wife of Padma Bhushan Shri. G.P. Chopra Ji, President, DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi is formally inaugurated at the august hands of Hon’ble Minister of Women and Child Development, Mrs. Renuka Choudhary. Beginning with the traditional lighting of the lamp, the audience gets a peep into the past and witneses the growing stages of Ahsaas students. The students from Saral Ahsaas present a moving prayer which touches the chords of all present. Spectacular performances mark the occasion. Principal Madhu Bahl dons the role of a generous benefactor yet again. School uniforms are handed out to the new 150 adopted children from Bapu Dham Colony, by the venerated gathering of leading Educationists. Some of the dignitaries who grace the occasion are Mr. R.S. Sharma, General Secretary, DAV College Managing Committee; Mrs. Sudha Chandra and Mrs. Kiran Chadha, IAS.


Curriculum and Quality Teaching

The curriculum aims at enriching the cognitive, social and emotional abilities of the learner and stimulates a multi-dimensional development of the child.
Saral Ahsaas gets its unique identity through the fusion of four important building blocks – Tradition, Technology, Excellence and Partnership.
The Saral Ahsaas students are sensitized to the traditional Indian Values and also universal values. Yagyashala, where the havans are performed daily are an integral part of the curriculum.  Recitations of Shlokas from Vedas form an integral part of the curriculum. Even though the children are from humble backgrounds, the quality of education imparted is not compromised upon. Efforts are made to develop a questioning mind and a spirit of adventure, a strong secular ethos, leadership, with a sense of team work and fair play and an awareness of the environment.


Smart Classrooms

The Saral Ahsaas classrooms from Class III to Class VIII are well equipped to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Computers and CD are used as teaching aids along with specially designed teacher and children assessment modules. The teachers, acting as facilitators, use video, computer animations, power-point and multi-media tools to encourage active learning and to engage the attention of the young learners.
The highlight of this endeavour remains free quality education with free uniforms, books, notebooks and transport facilities.
Saral Ahsaas students are required to attend the same amount of time as of typically developing peers. They have access to assemblies, regular classes, recess and tuck shop. The current curriculum has been incorporated in the Saral Ahsaas classrooms to allow children to have access to all educational, social, health and psychological services normally offered.


Holistic Development

In addition, the mainstream schooling involves the Saral Ahsaas children in co-scholastic activities like singing, dancing, dramatics, art and craft classes, physical training, hygiene, various activities of School Clubs, Annual Day and Recognition Day celebrations, Sports Day and Celebration of National Days to develop their cognitive, aesthetic, physical and mental skills. The Saral Ahsaas learners are exposed to meaningful language activities like role-playing, singing, rhyming and reading. Authentic situations are created to help promote the learners’ interactive skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing.


Parents are Advocates

Saral Ahsaas parents are taught to be advocates for their children. They are also counseled by the Principal, an initiative she has undertaken to continue her community connectedness, on various issues of general importance like AIDS, Population Control, personal hygiene and importance of timely vaccination.


Health Plus

Health and hygiene of the children, being an important concern, the school ensures the presence of a doctor, who is in charge of well-furnished Dental cum medical clinic on campus. The children are given free dental check-ups and regularly checked for safeguarding them against infectious diseases.
In recognition of the young learners physical needs, they are provided time and space for unrestricted movement. The 3-acre sprawling campus, with its immaculate infrastructure and amenities helps develop a sense of balance, physical coordination through physical training, activities of Cycle Club, Sports Day celebrations which encourage active participation of Saral Ahsaas learners.


Useful Activities

The Saral Ahsaas class work is powerful, fun and educational.The Saral Ahsaas learners are encouraged to recognize, make observations and express their views about their immediate surroundings. They remain front-runners in Go-Green Rallies, Environment-friendly projects like Best-out-of-waste and Poster-making activities.
No complicated philosophy seems to govern the ideology behind Saral Ahsaas. The philosophy of kindness remains supreme. Silent determination, a vision fuelled by the passion to reach the ‘poorest of the poor’ and the central task to implant the will and facilitate learning reigns at the KBDAV Campus on all days.

Saral Ahsaas Today

The Gesture of Affection for our Saral Ahsaas Children