National Service Scheme

"Not Me But You"

Principal Madhu Bahl establishes NSS Unit in 2010

KB DAV – 7 has broadened the students’ horizons by introducing NSS (National Service Scheme) in the school. NSS, another facet in the higher education system, provides orientation to the youth, preparing them for community service while they are studying in educational institutions. School NSS unit functions effectively in the school under Programme Officer Mr. Mantoshpal Singh and able guidance of School Principal Mrs. Madhu Bahl. It provides opportunities to students for being a part of a larger family and getting trained as NSS volunteer. NSS unit organizes extensive lectures on – HIV-AIDS Awareness, First-Aid, Hygiene, Human Rights, Drug Abuse, Female Foeticide, Women Empowerment while inculcating Moral Values through meditation, Yoga Practices and field visits to Old Age Homes and Institute for visually impaired. As a service to society, Regular and Special Camps are held from time to time giving exposure to volunteers about various life experiences.


December25,2017 - December31,2017


December24,2016 - December30,2016

NSS (National Service Scheme) Special Camp started with full fervor and enthusiasm with NSS Volunteers participating whole heartedly. The 7 day NSS special camp starts on from 24th December and continued till 30th December 2016, where various activities have been planned. The idea behind the camp is to sensitize the school students to the changes in the society. The NSS Volunteers participated along with Programme Officer Ms. Arvita Kaur in various activities ranging from Rally on De-Addiction, Seminars on various social issues like HIV-AIDS, Awareness on Traffic Rules, Stress Management, Basic Life Support Training program, Disaster Management, Adult literacy Program, Cyber Crime and current issue of Cashless payment. The students were apprised of the role of a NSS Volunteer in Community and the structure of NSS. The volunteers were given training to deal with the situations of Disasters by Mrs. Promila Deol. I spoke about role of NSS in bringing together the youth and the society for the welfare of community and the need to participate whole heartedly in not only the present NSS Camp but also in the social service in the later years of their lives. Workshop to Manage Stress and Time and to develop empathy towards the Blind and Traffic Awareness Program and Personality Development Program were held on Day 2. Mr. Shekhar Juneja and Ms.Beenu Malhotra delved into the meaning of Attitude and the need to inculcate a positive outlook to overcome obstacles in life. Principal J.S Jayara from Institute for the Blind, Sector 26, Chandigarh told the volunteers about the lack of civic sense in public which shows that our society needs CHANGE. The presentation by the Traffic police personnel Wing Commander Jaswant Singh khokahar stressed upon the need of following the Traffic rules and the guidelines laid down by the Traffic police to maintain law and order and create safer roads for our children. Heleno’grady International conducted a fun filled speech and drama and encouraged the Volunteers to adopt enthusiasm, energy and positive approach to life, develop confidence, self esteem and skill in verbal communication necessary for effective social interaction. The first session of the NSS camp on the fourth day included an eye-opening workshop on HIV-AIDS by Mr. Sunil Kumar from State AIDS Control Society, Chandigarh. The information about the difficulties faced by those infected by HIV-AIDS, the misconceptions about the virus, the various tests to detect HIV, the most vulnerable groups and the highest risk groups were shared with the NSS volunteers. The workshop threw light upon the appropriate way to fight HIV-AIDS through medical help and through involvement of community and creating awareness among the masses. Second session was taken by Mr. Harminder in which NSS volunteers hand crafted the bags and flowers to be distributed during adult literacy programme to the parents of Saral Ahssas Children. On December 29, 2016, the NSS Volunteers held a Rally on De-Addiction. Volunteers carried banners and charts depicting the message to “Watch Your Step”. Slogans were chanted by the volunteers, like "Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life ", in Sector- 7 market. Volunteers encouraged common masses to discourage the use of drugs and alcohol in their life. A Nukkar Natak was performed which depicted the lives of three types of people who involve themselves in usage of drugs and alcohol. The volunteers explained the effect of drugs in one’s life and they pledged to stop everyone from use of drugs. After the rally students held an adult literacy program where Saral Ahsaaas Parents (students adopted from Bapu Dham Colony and are provided free education since 2005) were given training on ICT. The NSS Special Camp at KB DAV – 7, ended on a high note on the 30th December 2016 with the NSS volunteers pledging to support causes of the community and guarding their thought process. An Awareness about Cyber Crime and Cashless Economy, advantages of being cashless and Discussion about Safety and Security measures one needs to take while making online transactions and credit cards was undertaken. The Valedictory function commenced with the felicitation of the Chief Guest, State Liaison Officer Shri. Bikram Rana and Guest of Honour famous Cartoonist and Artist Shri Sandeep Joshi.Mr. Bikram Rana addressed the NSS Volunteers and insisted on individual rectification and transformation. He felt that this was mandatory to bring about a change in the System. He spoke to the volunteers and urged them to monitor their habits for they are a reflection of one’s character. He reiterated that the youth of today will be at the helm of affairs tomorrow. Mr. Sandeep Joshi motivated the volunteers on Art, Creativity and to enhance their interest in Cartooning. Chehak Bhatia NSS volunteer presented the report of the 7-Day NSS Camp.

This was followed by speeches by NSS Volunteers who elaborated their experiences and the valuable lessons they have learnt through their journey. The NSS Volunteers presented songs and enlivened the environment by narrating the lessons they have learnt regarding community service, adhering to values and being self-disciplined. The 4 Best NSS Volunteers selected for their commitment, enthusiastic participation, team work and diligence were Navkaran, Chehak Bhatia, Jancy Jain and Saniya Ahuja.

December 26 2013 - January 1, 2014

55 Volunteers from Class XI and XII participated in the NSS Special camp, held in KB DAV-7. The volunteers took part in the workshops on Leadership Skills and ‘Human Rights – a perspective’, along with interactive sessions on AIDS Awareness, First-Aid, Traffic Awareness and Meditation. Principal Mrs. Madhu Bahl flagged off a rally on ‘Protection of Women’, undertaken by Programme Officer Mr. Mantoshpal Singh, along with NSS volunteers, to bring out the urgency regarding protection of women in the city / nation.
The Valedictory Function was presided over by Shri Bikram Singh Rana, Liaison Officer, Chandigarh, who gave away certificates to best NSS volunteers – Ravleen Kaur (Class XII-A), Paramjot Singh (Class XII-B), Samridhi Makkar (Class XII-A) and Keshav Kapoor (Class XII-A).

May 27 2012 – June 2, 2012

55 National Service Scheme volunteers participated in a 7-Day NSS Special Camp held under the school NSS Programme Officer, Mr. Mantoshpal Singh, in the school premises from 27th May 2012. Through the 7-Day camp, the student volunteers communicated and collaborated through rallies taken out to sensitize the local residents about their voting rights, social issues like HIV-AIDS, female foeticide and women empowerment. The student volunteers participated in tree plantation drives. They took part in active discussion during the Human Rights workshop, also enacting a Parliament Session bringing forth the flight of the common man due to the price hike.
A poster competition on ‘Water Conservation’ followed by a PowerPoint Presentation by an NSS Student Volunteer brought forth many thought provoking ideas.

A craft workshop, yoga session, workshops on First-Aid and HIV-AIDS and visit to the local Blind Institute, Sector 26, Chandigarh ensued in the following days, keeping the NSS Volunteers on their toes. Bhaskar Thukral, Anmol Singh, Niharika Mahajan and Smriti Wadhawan were adjudged the Best NSS Volunteers and awarded certificates and gifts by Mr. G.S. Bhatti, Assistant Program Advisor, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports and Mr. Bikram Singh Rana, State Liaison Officer, State NSS Cell, Chandigarh.

May 24, 2010 – May 30, 2010

Over 100 NSS Volunteers from Senior School (Class XII) participate enthusiastically under the Programme Officer, Mr. Mantoshpal Singh. The 7-Day NSS Camp is inaugurated by Smt. Satinder Dhillon, Principal, Divya Shiksha Gurukul College of Education, Derabassi and an active social activist. The NSS volunteers experienced a total soul fulfilling experience during the camp while teaching the illiterate people from Bapu Dham Colony, Sector 26, Chandigarh. The camp mission seemed to be accomplished as all 100 volunteers adopted an adult and taught them, how to fill the form. People from Bapu Dham Colony people visited the school to learn various other issues. They were counselled on various social issues prevailing in the society.

Sanchit, an NSS Volunteer says, “My NSS motive “Not me but you” seems to be fulfilled by teaching a labourer who can now happily sign and write his name on the form.

Valedictory Function marks the successful culmination of the 7-Day NSS Special Camp in which 100 NSS volunteers from Senior School (Class XII) participate. 4 Boys and 4 Girls selected as Best NSS Volunteer Leaders and awarded by Sh. Bikram Rana, State Liaison Officer, State NSS Cell, Chandigarh. Adult Literacy, Workshop on First-Aid and Human Rights, Poster Making competition creating awareness against Global Warming, Female Foeticide, Communal Riots are the initiatives under taken to uphold the motto ‘Not me but you’ – during the NSS camp.